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New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year Haiku

Bye, 2001!
Welcome to 2002!
(It feels just the same.)

I’ve never seen so many fireworks in the sky from my bedroom window before. There were even flares from some flare guns. The red ones looked quite nice. And then I saw my big brother and sister-in-law waving at me from across the street while I was watching the fireworks. They looked so out of this world.

I wasn’t going to make any New Year’s resolution, but Jordan wanted me to make a resolution not to give up on myself, so that would be it. But there’s no promise that I’d keep it. I break my New Year’s resolutions all the time.

The night air smelt of gun powder.

This and That

World AIDS Day

Saturday Afternoon Haiku

It’s the World AIDS Day
Have you joined Link and Think?
I myself have not.

Mainly because I didn’t think I’d still be online today. But I’m going to do my share anyway by posting some HIV/AIDS-related links. I’ll be doing it mostly to educate myself because I’m aware that I still know very little about HIV/AIDS. But if you would learn together with me by clicking the links that I posted today, that would be really awesome :)

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Such a Comment Whore

Monday Morning Haiku

A binary day
It’s 100101
I am such a geek.

This is my third attempt to post something this morning. I already wrote a lot in my second attempt but Blogger was failing me and now I don’t feel like writing it all over again. Basically, I wanted you to do me a little favour. You see, the highest comment count on this page seems to be 9. People seem to stop leaving comments once the comment count reached 9. Now let’s make the comment count for this post exceeds 9. Post a haiku or something. It would really make my day. Please, pretty, please?

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When Hunger Strikes

Saturday Night Haiku

Such a sad, sad night
Hungry on a Saturday Night
No dinner date? No.

Not that I’ve ever had any dinner date. Not being a night person has its disadvantages. And it’s already too late to find anything to eat. Sigh. When I’m hungry at night, I always feel like listening to opera songs. I don’t know why. Hmm. I can’t open ICQ. Not enough memory. Silly computer. But then again, you can’t expect much from a computer with only 16MB of RAM.

Nevermind me. I just feel like rambling.

This and That

Someone to Blog For

Wednesday Evening Haiku

It is one hot night
I feel so much like sleeping
But got to update.

I’m trying to get back to updating every day. If I don’t force myself to update, I probably will never update. It’s not that I don’t enjoy blogging anymore. I still do. But I’m just running out of motivation. I used to update often because I wanted to beat everyone to the coolest links, but now I don’t see much point to it anymore. I think what I need right now is someone to blog for. I think it would be good enough motivation to blog, knowing that I’m doing it for someone. Would you like to be that someone to blog for? ;)