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Why, Blogger, Why?

Thursday Morning Haiku

It’s barely morning
But Blogger kept on crashing
At last I’m posting

Woo, it rhymes! :) Spent almost 10 minutes to come up with the last line. Bugger Blogger. I hope they’ve got all the new servers installed now. I’m getting tired of being greeted with every morning. I know it must be pretty stressful for the Pyrates to work while tens of thousands of maniacs are pounding at their virtual door, telling them to get the servers back up, or else. You do get my sympathy, guys. I always try not to pound at your door because I know it’ll get you nervous. Instead, I just bang my head to the wall.

This and That

Nominate Me!

Wednesday Morning Haiku

One nice, long post’s gone
Gone with the silly Windows
As it crashed (and burned?)

And I don’t feel like writing it all over again. I’m feeling so blah. I always feel blah the first day I get back to work after a long holiday. Even the fact that I can get online, now that I’m back to work doesn’t make me feel better. I just want to be home and online :( Anyway, please expect less posts than usual until I get my home computer fixed. Hopefully sometime next week things will be back to normal again and I can be the good, old blogging machine that you all knew and loved again :)

Meanwhile, why don’t you nominate my weblog for the 2001 Bloggies award? ;) It can go to the “best Asian weblog” (yep, this weblog is just as Asian as the weblogger :), “best tagline of a weblog” (“trying hard to be like yours” is pretty original, don’t you think? ;), “most humorous weblog” (if you think I’m funny, which I doubt), “best blogger-powered weblog” (hey, it’s only a suggestion!), “best new weblog” (I did start blogging in 2000, you know), and *gasp* “weblog of the year” (if you feel generous enough) categories. That definitely will make me feel better :)