This and That

Such a Comment Whore

Monday Morning Haiku

A binary day
It’s 100101
I am such a geek.

This is my third attempt to post something this morning. I already wrote a lot in my second attempt but Blogger was failing me and now I don’t feel like writing it all over again. Basically, I wanted you to do me a little favour. You see, the highest comment count on this page seems to be 9. People seem to stop leaving comments once the comment count reached 9. Now let’s make the comment count for this post exceeds 9. Post a haiku or something. It would really make my day. Please, pretty, please?

This and That

When Hunger Strikes

Saturday Night Haiku

Such a sad, sad night
Hungry on a Saturday Night
No dinner date? No.

Not that I’ve ever had any dinner date. Not being a night person has its disadvantages. And it’s already too late to find anything to eat. Sigh. When I’m hungry at night, I always feel like listening to opera songs. I don’t know why. Hmm. I can’t open ICQ. Not enough memory. Silly computer. But then again, you can’t expect much from a computer with only 16MB of RAM.

Nevermind me. I just feel like rambling.