This and That

Dreading My Birthday

Monday Morning Haiku

Only 1:30
So early in the morning
I haven’t slept yet.

My birthday is in less than a week from now and I’m really dreading it. I hope my father will forget all about it, which is not very likely because even if he didn’t remember, my mother and brother’s enthusiasm to wish me a happy birthday me would remind him of it and then he would take that opportunity to preach me and make me feel like hell, like he did every year. Sigh. Woe is me.

This and That

Cooling Down, Indonesian Style

Friday Evening Haiku

Hot day, rainy night
Rainy but very hot still
I think I’m melting.

The day was so hot that my brother and I couldn’t stand it anymore and we decided to go for a drive to a place with air-conditioning. The nearby mall was our first destination. Once we’d had enough of the mall, we gave a bank a visit. We just stood there inside the room, enjoying the cool air while pretending to be in queue to use the ATM. We’re weird that way, and weirder still, we actually had fun :)