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Best Asian Weblog… Again!

So, it looks like there were enough people who loved me enough to give my weblog a vote for the “Best Asian Weblog” title at the Bloggies because I won again for the third year in a row! Wow! And there are actually prizes this year! I’ve never won any award with prizes before!

Honestly, I didn’t think I was going to win since I’ve been a really lousy weblogger and been updating only a few times a week instead of every day like I used to, so thanks so much to everyone who voted for me. You are too kind. I’m humbled. Mwah to you all! :)

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If The Bloggies Were A Popularity Contest… (2003 Edition)

No, the Bloggies is not a popularity contest *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* But if it were a popularity contest, the winners would surely be the most popular or the most linked weblog in every category. Based on that assumption, I checked the rank of the Bloggie finalists on today’s Blogging Ecosystem’s 501 Most Linked weblogs list and came up with the following list of winners based on popularity:

Best Merchandise Of A Weblog: Boing Boing
Best Weblog Webring: N/A
Best Meme: N/A
Best Article Or Essay About Weblog: N/A
Best Weblog Directory Or Update Monitor:
Best Web Application For Weblogs: Moveable Type
Best Australian Or New Zealand Weblog: Loobylu
Best Asian Weblog: Weblog Wannabe
Best European Or African Weblog: Textism
Best Latin American Weblog: N/A
Best Canadian Weblog: PhotoJunkie
Best American Weblog: A Small Victory
Best Tagline Of A Weblog: Electric Bugaloo
Best Webcam Of A Weblog Site: East West Magazine
Best Non-Weblog Content Of A Weblog Site: This Modern World
Best Programming Of A Weblog Site: MetaFilter
Best Weblog About Music:
Best Weblog About Politics: The Daily Dish
Best Web Development Weblog: Scripting News
Best Computers Or Technology Weblog: Slashdot
Best Reviews Or Weblog About Weblogs: Microcontent News
Best Topical Weblog: N/A
Best GLBT Weblog: PhotoJunkie
Most Humorous Weblog:
Best Group Or Community Weblog: Boing Boing
Best-Designed Weblog:
Best-Kept-Secret Weblog: N/A
Best New Weblog: Neurotic Fishbowl
Lifetime Achievement: Jason Kottke
Weblog Of The Year: Boing Boing

N/A means none of the finalists in that category were listed on today’s Blogging Ecosystem’s 501 Most Linked weblogs list. If a weblog isn’t hyperlinked, that means it’s either a warblog or a political weblog, which I intentionally left unhyperlinked because I didn’t want to give you a headache. There are probably a few more warblogs/political weblogs on the list but I really couldn’t be bothered to check because coming up with the list already gave me enough headache. Sorry for the inconvenience.

For a complete rundown of the whole thing, including the rank of the other finalists (if available), go here. For last year’s edition (which was based on the now deceased Blogdex Popularity Index), you can find it here. For the list of the actual Bloggie winners, you still have to wait until Sunday afternoon (March 9).

On a completely different note, my four months old nephew sent his very first ICQ message today and Troy was the lucky recipient. His message was “b ynujm ;;;l]”. I have no idea what that means but I’m sure it was a very, very urgent and very, very important message. If you are an expert in baby language and happen to know what it means, please leave a comment. Thank you.


My Grown-Up Grocery List

The Grocery List Collection is, well, pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? You can contribute to the collection by posting your grocery list to the web and send them the url or scan it and email it to them or snail mail it, even. Being the forever broke person that I am, I’ve never had a grocery list but if I had one right now, it would look like this:

Mum’s health (1 — big-sized)
Happiness (1 — box set)
Self-esteem (2 — extra strong)
World peace (1 — XXXL)
Boyfriend (1 — dented is okay, not expired)
Patience (12 — large chunks)

Now the problem is finding a grocery store that sells all those stuff. Big problem indeed.


I’m Back!

Well, sort of. My body still feels funny. It’s taking awhile for me to recover, mostly because I was/am too broke to see the doctor. Even if I had some money, I’d rather spend it on making my sick mother feel better than making myself feel better so I guess the being broke bit is somewhat irrelevant :)

Anyway, I kind of miss blogging so I’m going to blog for a bit today and hopefully complete that project that should have been completed a couple of weeks ago on my blogday. But don’t hold your breath!