Not Feeling Well

I haven’t been feeling well, physically. I’m not sure if I’m just catching a common cold or the deadly dengue fever virus (there’s currently a dengue fever outbreak here). I certainly hope it’s the former. As far as depression goes, I’ve got it under control. For now anyway. Though the uncertainty about my state of health is kind of depressing me. So, if things are a bit slow around here, the reason would be my poor health. Just thought I’d let you know because you care, right? I know you do :)

Update: Okay, so the fever I was having freaked me out enough to make me want to see a doctor. I had my brother drive me to a nearby clinic. The doctor had my blood checked immediately because he said dengue fever these days had some pretty unusual symptoms and it was better safe than sorry. I got the results in 10 minutes. The doctor explained the results to me and the verdict was, it was just a ‘flu. Phew. He told me to get a lot of rest and drink a lot of water, and that’s what I’m going to do :)

Site News

Happy 4th Blogday!

I felt the need for blogging today because it’s Weblog Wannabe’s 4th anniversary! Woo! [insert a birthday song and three cheers here] Can’t believe I’ve been blogging for four years already. It’s also Book of Styles’ 2nd anniversary, but alas, the domain has expired. If you want to give me a blogday gift and you have 12 Euros/15 USD to spare, you can always renew the domain for me ;) You’ll need to email me first, though. The domain is still in the 30-day grace period before being thrown back into the market so you’ll need some extra info from me. It’s been renewed and is back up again, thanks to Jeanna. Yay! :)

There might be a little something coming up from me for your enjoyment in the light of the blogday before the day is over. Aren’t you excited? ;) One note, though: don’t hold your breath. Later, folks!

Site News

New Blue Goo

So I bought Troy a domain name for his birthday in December, but a new domain without a new design would be kind of like soup without salt. Forty-four days later, a brand new Blue Goo Ate My Mom was born and there was much rejoicing. Well, as much rejoicing as two people could produce anyway. It would’ve been sooner had both Troy and I procrastinated less but oh well. Better late than never. Now go over there and tell Troy what a great job I’ve done to his site. I’m sure he knows it already but Troy loves getting comments so give him some commenty love, or else! I think the comment form is kind of cool, if I say so myself.