A few of you might know that I have a telephonophobia or fear of telephones. I fear answering phone calls, making a phone call, and talking on the phone. When I’m on the phone, my brain just freezes and I turn into a moron.

This afternoon I took about an hour or so just to get myself to make a phone call to a travel agency to check for airfares and stuff and guess how long the conversation lasted? Less than three minutes! And the travel agent hung up on me even though I still had a few more questions! How rude!

I know that I should have made another phone call to another travel agency, but that can wait. Making one phone call a day is more than enough for me. I don’t even know why I have a cellphone. It’s not like anyone ever calls me. Not that I mind.


The Best Day, Ever

First I won yet another weblog award. Then a kind and generous soul named Rachel is sending me her old digital camera (a very decent one). And to top it all off, my aunt and uncle in London, England are inviting me to come over and visit them for a couple of weeks in May and they are going to pay for my trip there. I think I’m going to pass out from all the excitement.

Site News

My Fourth Bloggy Award

I didn’t expect to win any category this year in the Fourth Annual Weblog Awards a.k.a. the Bloggies but apparently I just won the Best Non-Weblog Content of a Weblog Site category and am supposed to be entitled to a $40.08 worth of prize money and a couple of commercial software. Does winning this category mean that my weblog content is not as interesting as my non-weblog content? Either way, thanks for your vote! I promise to bug you again to vote for me next year ;)


Birthday Self-Present

When I went to the nearby mall early last week, I saw a digital camera which cost around 110 USD in a photography supply store. I’d forgotten all about it until I spotted it online today. Turns out it was a Fujifilm Q1 Digital, a 2MP point-and-shoot camera with 8MB of internal memory (expandable externally to 512MB). I’ve decided that it’s going to be the birthday present I’m going to give myself this year. See, I never got anything I wanted for my birthday so I’ve been buying myself something I really, really want every year. Last year it was a scanner. I hope and pray that I’ll have enough money left next month after paying the bills so I can afford the camera and make my birthday less sux0r. *fingers crossed* The camera looks pretty sweet, don’t you think?


Big, Blue Bag of Happiness

I was having a crap day, but then the postman came to deliver something in a big, blue, Deutsche Post bag. It was pretty heavy. What could it be, I wonder. The last time I received a package with Deutsche Post mark, it was something from As it turned out, it was no different this time.

Inside the big, blue bag was a brown, cardboad box and inside the box was a 2-CD album of Leonard Cohen, a novel by David Sedaris, and a big design book (yes, the book does live up to the title) off my Amazon wishlist from Steven in Belgium. Yay! That really brightened up my day. Thanks a million, Steven! :)

People have been asking me why I have very few fictions on my Amazon wishlist. The reason is, I can usually find the fictions I’d like to read in local bookstores while books on web design and development are rare and few, and when they are available, they usually cost almost twice the original price.

As for why there is no DVD on my wishlist, even though I love movies, I have no DVD player. All I have is a VCD player. A certain someone that shall remain nameless had to spend long hours burning DVDs and convert them into VCD format just so that I could see Donnie Darko and Memento, but I think he’s had enough of the hassle and won’t do it ever again :)

Now, anyone want to buy me a digital camera for my birthday next month? ;) Man, how I hate birthdays. As far as I can remember, there’s been only one happy birthday in my entire life and it was already 6 years ago. I am so not looking forward to my next birthday. It’s bound to be worse than ever because it will be my very first birthday since my mother passed away. My mother had always been the only one who would bother to try to make my birthdays a good one. I wish I could have her back for my birthday, but since I can’t, a digital camera will do. Heh. (And no, I’m not really expecting you to buy me a digital camera.)


A Sign of Life

Troy thinks I should update my weblog because some of you are worried about me so here’s an update. Now you can stop worrying because all’s well with the world for your poor, old Firda is alive! :) I still get a headache every now and then, especially if I spend a longish time in front of the computer, but I guess I should get used to it because I really need to get back to work.

In other news, I signed up with a new ISP today because the old ISP — which is one and the same with the phone company — charged heaps for internet access while with the new ISP I have unlimited internet access with a flat rate so hopefully my bills will be considerably smaller next month. Smaller bills make a happy Firda.

In case you’re wondering about what I did during my “sick leave”, I was just playing around with Orkut for a bit, but once the novelty wore off and my friends count got stuck at 11, I started playing Spider Solitaire and now I’m addicted to it. I know I once said I didn’t know how to play it but a teenage cousin of mine taught me how to play it about a month ago so now I know how, though I’m still not very good at it. But then again, I generally suck at just about any game.

Well, I’ll post more when the headache gets a bit bearable. Later skater!