A Fresh Start

I’ve decided to restart my weblog with a fresh Movable Type installation, a new design, a new site structure, and a new format. Whether the old entries will be imported into the new installation or not will depend on how much space I still have left when everything has been set up properly.

The redesign is obviously still very much in progress. I only put this up because if I didn’t, Troy would make me eat a quarter of a green pepper when he got home from work. Yes, he is mean that way. But you’re welcome to check back every now and then to see all the changes. It should be more interesting than watching the wall. :)

Well, better go back to redesigning the site before Troy returns. Wish me luck!


Chopsticks Are Evil

The Amateur Gourmet’s Thursday Therendades really made my day. I downloaded all the songs and played them while I was cooking. It made my cooking today felt more interesting. The “Anti-Chopsticks” song has got to be my favourite of all. Why? Because I can’t use chopsticks!

See, when I was in Toronto a couple of weeks ago, I had a (very late) lunch with Troy and a friend of his in a Japanese/Korean restaurant. And guess which one of us was eating using spoon and fork? The only 100% Asian person among us, of course! Yeah, I hear you. I am a disgrace to the Asian community. Still it wasn’t enough to motivate me to learn to use chopsticks. Eating with spoon and fork is just so much easier!


When Mosquitoes Attack

I had my first encounter with Canadian mosquitoes a couple of days ago when we were walking on a trail along the river that was leading to St. Jacobs. Apparently, Canadian mosquitoes are greenish (unless my eyes were playing tricks on me) and they attack you in big groups. They don’t play one-on-one, for sure. Their bites would feel itchy but won’t give you bumps. Now Indonesian mosquitoes are black and they attack individually. Their bites are really itchy and will leave you with tiny bumps that will usually disappear the next day.

Anyway, the mosquito attack (ambush?) forced us to turn direction back to Troy’s car. Instead of walking the trail to St. Jacobs, we went there by car instead, which was fine by me. :) Once we got to St. Jacobs, we took a walk around the town (village?) for a bit and then we had ice-cream. Mmmm, ice-cream! We ate the ice-cream while sitting by the murky river, watching the wild animals doing, uh, whatever they were doing.

None of the mosquitoes that bit us was a carrier of the West Nile virus, thankfully. At least I think so. Hrm. Now I wonder how long the incubation period for the West Nile virus is. Let’s see… Usually 3 to 14 days. I guess we’re not safe yet. Oh well.


Warning: Depressing Post

In less than a week, my evil father is going to get married even though it hasn’t been a year yet since my mother passed away. He brought a woman home in March (he said he’d been selecting the new wife candidates only two months after my mum died) and since then he’s just been making our lives even more miserable than they already are.

In case you haven’t figured out yet from my past depressing entries, my father is the person responsible for my depression, my low self-esteem, my fear of people, and my thinking that all women are a threat to my happiness (unless they’ve been proven otherwise). Needless to say, I hate him from the bottom of my heart. I even hold him responsible for my mother’s death.

A lot of times, especially when I’m with people, I wish so hard that I could be ‘normal’ like everybody else. So hard that I simply can’t enjoy being with people because it’s so emotionally draining. There are still people that I feel comfortable with, but you can count the number of those people with your fingers.

If there was any goodness in me, I got it from my mum. She was probably the only person in the world who ever thought of me as someone special. But then again, she was my mother. I think all mothers think their kids are special. But she always did make me feel special. She made me feel adequate. She was always so proud of me and I couldn’t be prouder of being her daughter. She was the strongest woman I’ve ever known. I can only wish that I could be half a strong as she was.

My mother wasn’t perfect, but she was a damn good mother. There is no doubt about it. Given a good father, I would’ve been a ‘normal’ person. My mum actually apologised to me for marrying my dad before she died. I did blame her for that every now and then, especially when we were having a big fight (which didn’t happen very often), just to make her feel guilty. But I really didn’t mean it. I know that it wasn’t her fault. I believe that everyone makes at least one really bad choice in their lives.

So here I am in Canada, halfway around the world from where I come from, running away from my father and my home, the House of Pain. I don’t want to be there when my dad gets married and I don’t want to be there on the first anniversary of my mother’s death. The memory of when she breathed her last breath right in front of me is still so fresh in my mind, as if it happened only yesterday. It keeps playing inside my head like a really depressing movie. I so wish it was just a movie.

This depressing post is brought to you by the song “Creep” and “Exit Music (For a Film)” by Radiohead. Check out the lyrics and weep. No one should be allowed to listen to depressing songs by Radiohead when they’re feeling low. My mistake. I apologise.


Kris Kross Forevah!!!

Do any of you still remember Kris Kross? You know, the kid rapper duo with their hit “Jump, Jump”? Well, apparently, one of the two occupants of this apartment is a big fan of Kris Kross. I’m not going to tell you which one, but that person is such a big fan that they just had to bring up the topic of Kris Kross in every conversation all weekend long. That’s just how much they love this duo. So much that it’s become an obsession. It’s not pretty. Not pretty at all.

(Don’t worry, Troy. Your secret is safe with me. Even if we never see each other again after the end of my visit, we’ll always have Kris Kross. KRIS KROSS NEVAH DIE!!!)

Update: For all it’s worth, Kris Kross Revisited with a link to the “Jump, Jump” video near the bottom of the page.


A Wok in the Clouds

You know what made me happy today? We finally got ourselves a wok. Yes, a wok! Man, living without a wok for 2 weeks was horrible. I had been looking all over for a wok in supermarkets for the past 2 weeks but to no avail. This evening Troy took me for a wok-hunting. Canadians probably don’t use a wok to cook because we didn’t find any wok until we got to the third store. The wok and I must be meant to be together because there was actually a 25% discount for it, which isn’t really that much considering the 15% tax, but still, a discount is a discount and Troy was happy about it so it’s all good. Cookware is so expensive in Canada. That’s probably the reason why the food here sucks (note to Troy: please don’t send me home, yet).

Anyway, we’re going to spend this weekend in Toronto. It should be fun. If anything, it would be a nice change from the small-townish Waterloo. Check back in a couple of days for the Toronto story!