Snow T-Rex

Close-Up III
(Close-Up III, originally uploaded by firda.)

I finally got around to making my very first snow, um, creature, with a little (a lot of?) help from the boy, in the frontyard of the boy’s parents place last Saturday. We weren’t planning on making a snow T-Rex, but once we put the head up, it just looked like a dinosaur to me so we decided to just call it a T-Rex. We used Pepsi bottle caps for the eyes. That’s how T-Rex got his blue eyes. Some dramatic (or rather, overly dramatised) scenes involving the fierce snow T-Rex can be found in this photoset. Enjoy!


Straight Outta Compton

I don’t know if any of you has ever heard of the song Straight Outta Compton by N.W.A. It’s a rap song. Not being a fan of rap music, I’ve never heard of that song until I came across Nina Gordon’s website. She has her own version of the song, and it’s definitely not rap. The lyrics of the song contains strong language, but the way Nina sang it makes you not mind the strong language at all. Anyway, while surfing around today I found the original video of Straight Outta Compton by N.W.A. (which was banned by MTV) but with Nina Gordon singing the song in the background. It seems weird, but somehow it works.

While you’re here, be sure to check out Nina Gordon’s rendition of Skid Row’s 18 and Life. It’s awesome! I never really liked the original version, but I love Nina’s version. Also check out the video of the Irish boyband Westlife’s Uptown Girl (originally sung by Billy Joel) but with the punk cover band Me First and the Gimme Gimmes singing in the background. It’s amusing to say the least.


We’re Open, But We’re Not!

Open But Closed I

I’ve been seeing a lot of businesses here with a neon sign saying open when they’re really not. I wonder if it’s a Canadian thing. Either way, it’s slowly becoming one of my pet peeves.

And speaking of unisex beauty salons, the boy and I had a haircut together a couple of days ago at one of those First Choice Haircutters places. Oh the horror! It’s just that the girl who was giving me a haircut looked kind of nervous and she kept telling me, “It’s just hair, right? It’ll grow back.” How would you feel if you were in my situation? Would you get as worried as much as I did all through the ordeal? Worst still, I had to take off my glasses when she started cutting so I couldn’t see whether she was screwing up or not (I’m blind as a bat without my glasses). Was the haircut a total failure? You decide. No wonder the boy called me “Crazy Hair” this morning before he left for work. It looks a lot more boring now that I’ve combed it.

Oh, and the boy thinks I should post a link to my Illustration Friday entry here, so there you go. I’m such a wannabe. I could never be an illustrator for real. And be sure to check out the boy’s entry as well. It’s so heartbreaking.


The Obligatory 5th Blogiversary Post

I started blogging today 5 years ago. I didn’t have my own domain then. My weblog was hosted at (about the only free host with no ads I could find back then) and was powered by Blogger, which was the only free blogging tool available at that time (but on second thought, there was Pitas, but Blogger was cooler anyway). Jordan and Nikolai were among the first blogging friends I made. We might not be in touch as much as we used to, but hey, at least we still acknowledge each other’s existence.

I’ve been asked why I blogged in English instead of in my own native language, Bahasa Indonesia. The first reason is because I liked English language and I knew my English wasn’t too shabby so why not blogged in English. The second reason is, if I blogged in Bahasa Indonesia five years ago, I wouldn’t have any readers other than myself. I was about the only Indonesian weblogger I knew. Now I’m sure there are thousands of Indonesian webloggers out there. Will I start blogging in my own language? Well, I did make an attempt. I’m just not very good at updating it. In fact, I haven’t updated it since I started it. Maybe I’ll start updating it again soon. Maybe. If anyone would read it, that is.

Anyway, I spent part of today at the Waterloo Park with the man that I love whom I wouldn’t have met if not for my weblog. It was fun and I took a lot of pictures (warning: too much cuteness) while we were there. It was also snowing and so freezing cold, but it was worth it. I had a good day.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading this weblog faithfully over the years. Without you, I would’ve stopped blogging a long time ago. I enjoy blogging when I know that I have an audience. That’s why I like getting comments. :) And now I’d better post this entry because in less than 10 minutes, my blogiversary will be over!


Curling Thursday

Since I know you guys are dying to hear about how my curling-watching night went, here’s the scoop. First of all, I’m sure curling is an exciting sport to play and all, but it’s not really the most exciting thing in the world to watch. The amusing brush-the-ice thing can only keep you entertained for so long. In my case, it kept me amused for no more than 15 minutes. I spent the next 75 minutes trying to keep myself entertained by taking random pictures of people having fun sliding around, sweeping stones and brushing the ice. And they boy’s team didn’t even win!

Towards the end of the game, I was bored enough to try to chat up an elderly man sitting near me. It was either my question was too dumb (“Do you usually play here?”) or he didn’t hear me (the boy always says I need to speak up) but I was cheerfully ignored. My guess is it was the former because later I found out that he’s actually part of one of the teams playing for the local league. Oops.

When we were leaving the curling arena, it was snowing heavily, but I just couldn’t resist asking the boy to make a stop at the nearby Tim Hortons for a cup of hot chocolate and an apple fritter, so we did. Fast forward, we were back on the highway in the middle of a blizzard and my stomach started to hurt badly. And I mean REALLY badly. Of course I didn’t tell the boy about it until we passed another Tim Hortons, meaning that I wouldn’t get the release I badly needed until the next Tim Hortons in Kitchener.

I couldn’t be happier when we got to that particular Tim Hortons. It was the one and only time I ever entered Tim Hortons only to use the bathroom. I tried to sneak out of the place stealthily after I was done with my business in the bathroom while hoping that none of the people behind the counter would notice, but of course I had to have a problem opening the door out. C’est la vie.

Don’t worry, Tim Hortons. I might not be Canadian and may never be one, but after last night’s incident, you will always have a special place in my heart. And no, I’m not going to sacrifice another of my CSI watching night just for the sake of watching a curling game. Unless the boy bribes me with something really good. Like a Vietnamese dinner.


Curling As A Sport

The boy thinks that my weblog readers like me better when I’m blogging from Indonesia because now that I’m blogging from Canada, I get considerably less comments to my weblog posts. I wonder if it’s true. Hrm.

Speaking of the boy, I’m going to watch him curl tonight. No, not curl as in curling his hair (he doesn’t look good with curly hair). Curl, as in sports. Probably the dorkiest sport game I’ve ever known. Even the boy doesn’t think I would find it very exciting. He suggests that I bring a book and a lot of snacks with me in case I get bored. I’m going to take a lot of pictures of the boy in action for sure, especially when he’s doing the highly amusing mop-the-floor brush-the-ice thing. Fun stuff.

And now I’m going to play some virtual curling to get in the mood for the game tonight. Trust me, the real thing is much dorkier than that.