Last Day of Winter

Tin Bunny

Last Saturday was, in theory, the last day of Winter. I was blindfolded and forced by the boy to pick a spot on the map of Southwestern Ontario to determine where we were going that day and my finger fell on the Forks of the Credit Provincial Park. (It didn’t really happen that way but imagine how cool it would be if it did!)

The park was located near the town of Erin. We had lunch just outsite Erin and then made a stop in downtown Erin to check out a couple of bookstores and bought some chocolatey goodness before hitting the road again. There wasn’t really any sign on the main road leading to the park, so naturally, we got lost. We ended up in Belfountain Conservation Area, which would be an okayish place to get lost in if only it wasn’t wintertime.

To cut a long story short, we finally made it to the Forks of the Credit Provincial Park, and once again, it would be a great place to explore if only it wasn’t wintertime. There is supposed to be at least a river and a lake there, but we couldn’t see where the river or the lake was because most of the ground was covered with snow! We didn’t walk very far into the park because it was so windy and so freezing cold. I really can’t wait to go back there in the summer.

On our way back, we made a stop in a small antique shop in Alton, where I took some mirror photos, before heading towards home. We had supper in a Vietnamese restaurant in Guelph and didn’t leave the city until we checked out every single Blockbusters and Rogers Videos we could find.

When we got home, the apartment felt so insanely warm, which isn’t unusual. We changed into our jammies and spent the night watching Maria Full of Grace and Elephant — both are depressing movies — and went to bed after Saturday Night Live where Ashton Kutcher was hosting and his girlfriend Demi Moore showed up as an old lady.



If We Were in the Amazing Race…

Troy and I have been coming up with lines to use on us in the scenes from the next episode of the Amazing Race if we were one of the teams participating in it.

– Troy and Firda get lost. “Where are we?” “Um, somewhere in the Amazon?”

– Troy and Firda can’t remember where they parked the car. “I’m pretty sure I parked the car here.” “Well, if you did, it must’ve been going for a ride by itself somewhere.”

– Troy hurts his wrist while Firda sprains her ankle. “My wrist is killing me…” *splat* “My ankle! I think I broke my ankle!!!”

– Troy and Firda get lost. Again. “Is this the turn?” “I don’t know. It’s not on the map.”

– Troy and Firda lose the clue. “Do you have the clue with you?” “I thought you had it with you!”

– Firda has a nervous breakdown while Troy is getting frustrated. “I can’t go on anymore! *cries*” “Stop it! You were the one who begged me to join!”

– Troy and Firda lose their backpacks. “Um, Troy. I think we left our backpacks in the cab.” “Oh, dammit. The cab’s gone!”

– Troy and Firda can’t decide which one of them to eat a dozen raw fish. “I don’t like fish. You do.” “Well, I do like fish, but not raw.”

– Firda enjoys a bowl of cow brain, intestine, and tripe dish in Indonesia while other team members are throwing up. “Man, this is so good! I want more! I missed Indonesian food.” “I’m so proud of you, baby!”

– Troy and Firda get lost, for the third time in the race. “Where’s the damn clue? We have passed the palace a dozen times already.” “Did you know that Monaco is the second smallest country in the world?”

I could go on and on but, well, you get the idea. Some couples just are not meant to be in the Amazing Race. But if we were, I think our label would be the dorky “Blogging Couple”.


And The Winner Is… Not Me!

Every year (or at least since the Bloggies™ started being awarded during the SxSW), before the results of the Bloggies™ were out, I always got an email from Nikolai, asking me whom I’d like to receive the award for me if I won and what I’d like the award recipient to say on my behalf. I always wondered if he asked all the finalists those questions or only the winners. Now I know that he only asked the winners because he didn’t ask me any of those questions this year and, as expected, I didn’t win any Bloggies™.

I knew I had no chance in the Lifetime Achievement category since I’m nothing compared to the other finalists, and that the only chance I got to win the Best Asian Weblog category was if all Indonesian webloggers voted for me. Unfortunately, as I’m very well aware of, most Indonesian webloggers don’t even know I exist. If there was a category for the Least Known Bloggie Finalist in His/Her Country of Origin, I’d probably win that category every year. :) Also, I wasn’t being a very good weblogger all last year since I didn’t blog as much as I used to. But winning a Bloggie is not a big deal to me. At least not anymore. After all, the best thing that could happen to you for owning a weblog has happened to me: I met the love of my life! What could be better than that? ;)

Anyway, cliché as it may sound, it was an honour just to be nominated, especially in the Lifetime Achievement category (I’m still amazed!). Thank you to everyone who voted for me. You’re just too kind. Last but not least, congratulations to all the winners, and best of luck in winning more Bloggies™ in the coming years!


Cold/Flu Season?

I was just wondering, how many of you are down with something (cold/flu) right now? I know for a fact that the boy is one. He’s been sick since last weekend. It’s mostly a coughing cold and for the last couple of days, he’s been sounding like Barry White when he talks. I already had a pretty bad one early last month, complete with a two-day fever. I hope I won’t catch another from the boy. That would really suck. And I hope taking Echinacea and vitamin C would be enough to strengthen my immune system.

Speaking of coughs, am I the only one who thinks that Buckley’s tastes better than Robitussin? I like how Buckley’s doesn’t leave any aftertaste in my mouth. Robitussin’s cherry flavour is just yucky! Anyway, both cough medicines didn’t really work all that great in my case. But then again, we’re talking about placebo effect here. I guess my expectations of the medicines were not high enough.


Blahness Post

You know, I really wish my life was as simple as it was 15 odd years ago. All I did was go to university and back home, five days a week and just lazying around on weekends. Nothing to worry about. I should’ve been worrying about grades, but I wasn’t. I never did have to study hard. I couldn’t be bothered with note-taking. Yet I graduated with a degree earlier than most of my peers. Man, university was so easy.
Yes, I really wish I was still in university and my mother was still alive. Life was so much easier then. Hell, I just wish my mother was still alive.


Sarah Slean Live at Starlight

Sarah Slean at Starlight Club

A couple of nights ago, a bunch of us went to see Sarah Slean live at the Starlight Club here in Waterloo. I only knew a couple of songs by Sarah Slean — not by heart — and the prospect of being in a room full of people going crazy over seeing their favourite artist performing live on stage kind of freaked me out (social anxiety disorder in effect) so I wasn’t really looking forward to going.
To coax myself into going, I tried to look at it from another point of view. I tried to look at it as a chance to do something I’d never done before: taking pictures of an artist performing live on stage. Thought it would be fun. So I went, took a lot of pictures (most of which are blurry and grainy, as you can see from the collage), and actually enjoyed the music.

Anyway, in order to get into the club, other than having a ticket, you had to show a photo ID. I didn’t have my passport handy and the only other photo ID I had was this ID card issued by the local government of the place I lived back in Indonesia. It was a poorly laminated piece of paper with a really bad, grimacing picture of me on it. I was worried the guy wouldn’t let me in, but I guess I was worrying for no reason. The guy was actually thrilled to see my ID card. “I’ve never seen anything like this before,” he said. “I wouldn’t even try to figure out what it says. It’s awesome!” And he let me in. That guy really made my night. Even better, we got ourselves one of the front tables for coming in early!

Another person who made my night was Jorane (collage), a French-Canadian singer/songwriter who was opening for Sarah Slean. She was awesome. She sounds kind of like Tori Amos with a French accent and a cello. She kept smiling during her performance and I just couldn’t help but smiling back at her. I had to say that I enjoyed her performance better than I did Sarah Slean’s. I guess I appreciate singer/songwriters who perform without a band better.

Oh, and the crowd wasn’t half as scary as I’d expected them to be. In fact, they were so tame that the bouncer looked like he was about to die of boredom anytime soon. And that was the story of my very first clubbing experience. The end.