In about 7 hours from now, Troy and I will be off on our two-week honeymoon adventure in Atlantic-Canada. That means that updates on this weblog will be rare and few until we get back, if at all. If we happen to stay in a place with internet access, I’ll try to post some news here. If not, well, I’m sure a two-week break from my silliness will do you good. Please be good boys and girls while I’m away. Eat the vegetables. Don’t drink and drive. Look both ways before you cross the street. I’ll tell you stories and show you a lot of pictures when we get back. See you in two weeks!


2nd Wedding Monthiversary

As of today, we’ve been married for two months and we haven’t started killing each other yet, which I think is a good sign considering there are people who filed for a divorce or annulment in less than a month after the wedding or even sooner (case in point, Britney Spears’s first marriage).

Some time ago, I suggested that if we had a boy and girl, we named them Paul and Esther so that if we needed both of them at the same time, we could just yell “Polyester!!!”. At the time I thought it was a brilliant idea, but now that I’ve given more thoughts on how much our kids would hate us for that, we should probably find some other name combinations (Polyethylene? Polyethene?). Not that we’re planning on having kids in the near future. At least not until we have our own house.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I got yet another visit from some of those door-to-door religion salesmen a couple of days ago. At least this time the person who was doing the talking was polite and not pushy, unlike the last one. I could actually see us playing chess together in some other circumstances. But, well, he was a man with a mission and probably had no time for chess and I’m not really into religion so I guess we’re just not meant to be.

The guy said that they could show us how we as husband and wife could work well together as a family unit. But the thing is, we already work well together, or rather, do no work well together (ha-ha, I’m so puny!) *glances at the piles of dirty dishes*, which is quite unfortunate for them. Unless they’d do the dishes for us, in which case I’d probably invite them in and happily (pretend to) read their brochures while they were at it.

Anyway, happy second monthiversary, baby! Here’s to many, many, many more two-months! :)


Our Wedding Reception

So, our wedding reception has come and gone (click the picture above for a Flickr photoset, or watch the slideshow). It was a lot of fun. I felt like I was actually making friends. Sure I’ve met a lot of the guests before, but I didn’t really get to have a chat with them until the reception. In case any of them is reading this, it was really nice chatting with you! I don’t get to have a lengthy discussion about Asian food or just crazy food in general very often. I also had fun going on a ‘field trip’ with a few of our guests to some of the Wilsonville landmarks (cemetery and duck pond) and watching our esteemed guests feeding the fish in the pond some grass. It was very… zen.

We got some really lovely presents and monetary gifts from our guests. The latter will definitely be going into our honeymoon fund. We are going to be driving out East for our two-week honeymoon this Saturday morning, making a stop along the way somewhere in Quebec. We haven’t decided where exactly. Probably Quebec City. Hopefully we’ll be able to find some place to stay, with this weekend being a long weekend and all.

We’re thinking of taking a ferry from Saint John, New Brunswick to Digby, Nova Scotia, spend the rest of the week exploring the province, and then spend the week after in Prince Edward Island. At least that’s the plan. God knows we’re not very good at sticking to a plan.

As you can probably tell, I’m very excited about the trip. I’ve never been outside of Ontario before, except for our one-hour escapade (ha!) in Spring to a part of Quebec around the border called Temiscaming where we had some original recipe poutine, and my half an hour stopover in Vancouver, British Columbia on my way to Toronto. If you’ve been to the Atlantic-Canada — especially Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island — before and you have any places you’d like to recommend, please let me know in a comment.

Ohmigod, I just saw a trailer for this new show called Tommy Lee Goes to College. I hope it’s going to be a show that is so bad it’s good because we desperately need something to watch on TV this summer.

Well, the bed is beckoning. But before I finished writing this rambling entry, I have one request for you. Would you please tell Troy that the colour of Mountain Dew (the liquid, not the can) is yellow and not green? I’d appreciate that.


Hello world!

So today Movable Type decided not to work for me anymore. Don’t say I didn’t try to make it stay because I cared enough to upgrade, downgrade, and then upgrade again to make it work, but it just didn’t happen. The first blogging tool I considered to replace MT was Textpattern, but we’re just not meant to be. Hence my being with WordPress. It might take some time to adapt the old layout into a WP-based one because I’m not very familiar with the interface so please bear with me. Thanks!


Sore Body, Tired Mind

Okay, where were we? Oh right, the weekend. Well, the weekend was tiring and my whole body is still sore. I sprained my right wrist and left ankle playing volleyball in the pool. I should’ve been sticking to swimming instead of joining the game.
Anyway, we got to Troy’s parents place Friday evening and didn’t waste time to jump into the pool. I can’t remember what we did after that but I do remember being half awake most of the time.
Saturday was spent roaming the streets of Brantford, checking out some thrift stores and the mall, looking for, um, well, stuff. It wasn’t a very successful trip. Then we got home and, once again, jumped into the pool and played some volleyball.
Saturday evening we went to see the performance of Wayward Sister in Lynedoch, near Simcoe. They gave an amazing performance, singing a capella versions of (mostly) pop songs, including a couple of my favourites, Strong Enough (Sheryl Crow) and Message in a Bottle (the Police). You should see them if you get the chance.
After the show, a bunch of us went to this party of friends of a friend’s parents. It was a ‘classic’ party of drunk, turkey-hunting Canadian farmers where a bunch people just sat around a campfire, singing some silly songs and just generally being drunk. There was even a redneck hot tub where you could cool off if you wanted to. I must say that it was pretty entertaining to watch. After standing around for two hours chatting and watching the party, we left home. My legs were so sore I couldn’t fall asleep until I took some Advils.
Sunday morning, we went to have breakfast with a couple of friends in Waterford. The place was more packed than usual for some reasons. After breakfast, Troy and I went to Simcoe to pick up stuff for the wedding reception and then made a stop at the Waterford Antique Market. We left the market with five vintage cameras for our collection. Woohoo! When we were back at Troy’s parents place, we jumped back into the pool and played some more volleyball. That was when I sprained my wrist and ankle. Joy! We drove back home to Waterloo after having a big KFC supper with the family.
My body felt really sore on Monday and Tuesday. It’s still sore now but not as much as before. And we still have so much to do in preparation for the wedding reception on Saturday. Argh! But the next Saturday, we’ll be off to the Atlantic Canada for our honeymoon. Yippee! I can’t wait! I’ll be sure to take a lot of pictures.


I’m a Zombie Now

I woke up this morning at 8 after only two and a half hours of sleep. I felt like a zombie and I was hungry. Didn’t feel like cooking. Quick decision was made. Tim Hortons to the rescue. It was a beautiful morning. So nicely warm. And at Tim Hortons, everyone was so cheerful. I’m pretty sure I was the only living zombie there. There was a line-up. The morning coffee people. I tried to decide between a medium iced cappuccino and a bottle of iced tea. Iced tea won. Took home that and a couple of danishes.

When I got back to the apartment building, I could hear the motorbike-riding neighbour from across the hall vacuuming his apartment while listening to “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” by Meat Loaf. If I ever made a zombie movie, that song would SO be in the soundtrack, just for the cheesiness factor. I don’t know why, but I find zombie movies cheesy.

I still feel like a zombie, but I have a feeling that after eating the two danishes from Tim Hortons, I would feel more like a human. Oh, in case you’re wondering, they’re chocolate danish and strawberry and cheese danish a.k.a. the best things to ever come out of Tim Hortons. Want some?