Finnegan the Galactic Wonder Fish

Finnegan the Galactic Wonder Fish

Meet Finnegan, or Finney for short, the latest addition to Casa Troy and Firda. He’s a Betta, also known as the Siamese fighting fish, also known as Cupang in Indonesian. Curiously, Cupang is also Indonesian for hickey.

It all began on Tuesday when I spotted this aquarium in a store at the mall. I thought if I were a fish, I would love to live there. I showed it to Troy and he said I could have it if I wanted it. Doh, of course I wanted it! So we bought it and took it home. I decided to put the aquarium in the bathroom, next to the sink, near the toilet bowl for easy maintenance. I thought the fish would like to live closer to their, um, highway to heaven. That night it was decided that we were getting a Betta instead of a goldfish. The next day I started preparing the aquarium. Rinsing the inside of the aquarium, washing the stones, letting the water sit overnight, you know the drill. And then came the day we had been waiting for: the day we were getting the fish!

We went to this pet store at the mall and straight to the fish section. Okay, so we had to check out some puppies first, but whatever. I had my eyes on four Bettas and it was hard for me to decide which one to get because I liked them all just as much. What a girl to do? Well, I just solved the problem the Indonesian way. I sang this song while pointing to a different Betta with every syllable clockwise: “Bas bis bus, pi-sang re-bus. Du-it se-ra-tus, gu-nung me-le-tus!” The song ended when I was pointing at this particular bluish red Betta, so it was decided. We were taking that little fella home.

Putting the fish into the aquarium was a messy process. I’ll spare you the detail. But half an hour or so after we got home, the fish was settled in his new home. The first thing he checked out was the rocket, which wasn’t surprising since he was a Galactic Wonder Fish after all. Then came the hardest part: picking a name. I wanted to call him Marty because on the box that came with the aquarium it was written “Marty the Galactic Wonder Fish not included.” But Troy said it wasn’t a very original name. That was when he came up with Finney, short for Finnegan, which I liked. So Finnegan it is.

Finnegan came into our lives on my mother’s birthday. She’d be 62 years old if she was still alive. She would’ve loved the crazy aquarium and the fish. I’m sure she was smiling down on us. (More photos of Finney here.)


My Super Power

Every superhero has at least one super power (we all know I’m a superhero, right?). My super power is, I could listen to one song over and over again for hours without going insane (well, not any more insane than before anyway). It usually lasts for only 8 hours a day because some time during the 8th hour, Troy would come home from work and when he heard the song playing in repeat, he’d be like, “Uh, I don’t think so!” and turn the mp3/CD player off.
How this super power is going to come in handy when dealing with an evil genius, you ask. Well, I’ll just skip the part where I’m capturing the evil genius because I haven’t figured it out yet (I’m still a superhero-in-traning, but I guess I can always ask other superheroes to do that part) but once the evil genius is nicely captured, all tightly locked and bound, all I have to do is play one song over and over again and sing along to it with my Canadian Idol wannabe voice until the evil genius breaks down and finally reveals his secret, evil plan to take over the world. Then I will use the information to destroy his plan and save the world.
Now all I need is a superhero name. All those superhero name generators just can’t come up with a name that matches my super power. If you could suggest a name for my consideration, that would be great. Until then, I shall be known as the Brain-Dead Nemesis.


Oh, Lingo!

Call me anal, but I have problem with businesses telling people that some things are pre-owned when they actually mean previously owned or, to put it simply, used. Pre-owned is SO not used! Pre-owned would mean the exact opposite of used: new. Why? Because the prefix pre- means earlier; before; prior to; preparatory; preliminary; in advance. So pre-owned would mean prior to being owned, i.e. new.

I wouldn’t even go into what I like to call the Great Canadian Aversion to Apostrophe in Business Names. Tim Hortons is supposed to be Tim Horton’s, Sobeys is supposed to be Sobey’s, and the list goes on and on. But I’ll just save the rant for some other slow blogging day.


Labour Day Weekend Report

We spent the long, Labour Day weekend at Troy’s family cottage by the lake. It was a weekend of firsts for me. It was:

— the first cottage weekend since Troy and I got married;

— the first time I had Smores (the real thing, not the chocolate bar);

— the first time I did the scrapbook thing (one of our friends was putting together a scrapbook out of our wedding and honeymoon pictures for us, isn’t that sweet?);

— the first time I saw black bears in their natural habitat (they were hanging around this dump/recycling place when we were bringing in all the garbage from the weekend — Troy doesn’t think it’s their natural habitat but whatever);

— the first time I’ve been to an island in Eagle Lake other than the good, old Blueberry Island;

— the first time I took a picture of a rainbow;

— the first time in years that I finished reading a book without much effort (it was The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom — such a beautiful story, highly recommended);

— the first time I took pictures with the Ansco Shur Shot and the Ansco B2 Speedex Junior that we got from some antique stores two weekends ago.

Um, I think that’s about all. It was an okay weekend. It would’ve been better had the weather been friendlier. It was cold, rainy, and windy most of the time. The weather didn’t improve until Sunday. Of course Monday, which happened to be the day we had to leave the cottage, had to be the sunniest day of all. Stupid weather. And I wouldn’t even try to swim. My body doesn’t deal with cold water very well, especially in the outdoor.

Anyway, if you’re interested in seeing the pictures from the weekend, you can find them in this Flickr photoset. If you have a high speed internet connection, I would recommend watching the slideshow. Enjoy!


Favourite Board Games

We’re planning on buying ourselves a board game this evening to bring up to the cottage tomorrow. We already know what we’re getting but it’s always nice to get some recommendations or to hear about board games we’ve never heard/played before. So tell me, what’s your favourite board game and why do you like it so much?