Three Movie Reviews

Princess Cinema
I thought Clerks (1994) (i.e. Clerks I) would be a really great movie since I only heard good things about it, but it wasn’t really. I kept hoping it would get better as we got further into the movie, but it didn’t. It was so bad, I couldn’t wait for it to be over. I hope I won’t hate Clerks II just as much when we get around to seeing it.
I think A Scanner Darkly would be a better movie if it wasn’t animated. It was not as bad as Clerks I in my opinion, but it wasn’t great either. The story was dragging too long. Predictable plot. Too much talking. Very little action. Why bother turning it into an animation if all the characters do is talking?
Finally, a movie that I actually enjoyed: Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. It was nothing short of brilliant. Great story. Great animation. The best movie I watched this past weekend. I’m really looking forward to watching the other Miyazaki’s animation, Howl’s Moving Castle. And I’m not even an anime fan!


I Pity The Fool

Troy and I had an encounter with a pitiful human being yesterday, in a thrift store’s register line, no less. Troy got so angry, he had to sit still for awhile once we got back to the car because his hands were shaking with rage. He said he was surprised that I wasn’t as angry as he was.
Well, the thing is, when I encounter ignorant people, the first feeling that comes to me is pity. I pity them because it must suck so much to be them, to live with such narrow-mindedness. And then I’ll just shrug it off. There are ignorant people everywhere. We’re bound to cross path with them every now and then in our lifetime. They’re not worth the time and energy I would have to spend being angry at their thoughtless remarks.
One thing that I found funny (but not funny ha-ha) is what the ignorant person said about immigrants not deserving their respect because they don’t speak English fluently. I was kind of tempted to say, “Dude, you were born and raised in an English-speaking country. It’s easy for you to be fluent in English. If you were born and raised in, say, Jabip, where people speak anything but English, and immigrated to Canada at your age, your English would probably suck, too. Would you like not to be respected because of that?” But that would be like wasting my breath. So I just pity the fool. It’s easier that way.


I Read Books

From Last Autumn

I’ve been doing a fair amount of reading lately. The last book I picked up, I finished in merely two days. Granted it’s a YA (young adult) book but hey, it’s a 30-chapter young adult book! I’m so proud of myself. Mind you, it usually takes me months to finish reading one book. I guess it all depends on how interesting the book is to me and how much I can relate to the main character in the book. The more I can relate to the character, the faster I finish it.

When I’m reading, I visualize everything in my head, just like a movie. I’m a very visual person with a tendency of missing the obvious and catching the mundane. I’m weird that way. Troy thinks I’m missing a lot because he sees things that I don’t. But I too see things that he doesn’t. That’s why we make such a great team. :) Anyway, I love it when an author pays a lot of attention to details. Not only physical details, but also emotional details. What the main character senses. That would make a pretty wild movie in my head.

The last two books I finished were from the same author, Jerry Spinelli. The titles are Stargirl and Loser. The books are about outcasts in school. Stargirl is quirky and Zinkoff (the main character in Loser) is, well, your typical loser. I enjoyed reading Loser more because I could relate with Zinkoff more than I could Stargirl. I was a loser throughout my school years. The only difference is, I got good grades, except in PE. I was super clumsy (still am) and I really sucked at PE. In middle school, the PE teacher just kept picking on me because of it. He made me hate sports. So much for a teacher, eh? I highly recommend Loser. It made a good movie in my head.

I haven’t decided what’s next on my reading list. I took The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger off the shelf, but after toying with it, I put it back. I’m not ready for it yet. Too thick. I used to be able to finish reading thick books but not anymore. I lost that ability somewhere. Troy recommended me some books about mice but I don’t think it’s my thing. Sure they are fictions, but I’d rather read books about people. Oh well. I’ll find something soon.