In Which She Complains About the Weather Being Too Warm


Am I the only one in Southwestern Ontario who thinks that it’s a bit too warm for a late autumn yet people seem to ignore it and still dress in layers? I mean, last weekend was pretty warm but Troy and I seemed to be the only people walking around in t-shirts and jeans with no coats on. And I’m a tropical island girl! What’s up with that? I thought Canadians were cold-proof!

Anyway, I was just checking the weather forecast and the temperature is supposed to be falling today. Sweet! Though only to 5°C, which isn’t exactly cold, but it’s still better than low-teens. By Sunday, the temperature will be down to -1°C at the highest. Yay! And with flurries! Double yay! And then Troy will start getting grumpy every time I insist on us going some place to take pictures. Poor Troy. Unlike me, he hates cold weather and snow. And he’s still waiting for winter to grow old on me, in vain.

They’ve been getting tonnes of snow out West, even in Vancouver. I wonder when our turn will be.


Blast from the Past

At the Christmas party last weekend, I mentioned to the people seated with us that I was Indonesian. Someone said, “Indonesia used to be a Dutch colony, right?” I said, “Yes, for three and a half centuries.” Then they added, “My family is Dutch.” And I was like, ummmm… Should I tell them that the Dutch were crap rulers and were so successful at keeping the Indonesian people uneducated that it actually took us three and a half frickin’ centuries to smarten up and kick their collective butt out of the country? And that to this day we still secretly wish we’d been a British colony instead? Luckily for them, I got distracted by food and didn’t remember having that conversation until this morning. Heh.


Anti-Social Procrastinator Extraordinaire

BHF Challenge #1: Halloween
Tonight marks the beginning of the holiday season. Well, for Troy and me anyway. It’s Troy’s work Christmas party tonight and next weekend, it’s Christmas get-together for Troy’s family from his mother’s side and the weekend after that it’s the get-together for Troy’s family from his father’s side. Ack! It’s a bit too much for my liking, really. Especially since I don’t really celebrate Christmas, not being a Christian and all. I’m only in it for the presents, there I said it. :P I’d say “and also for the food” but my stomach is still cranky, I don’t think I could enjoy much of the Christmassy food goodness this year.
Anyway, I hope there’ll be turkey on the table tonight, among other things. I know there was some turkey last year which was gone really quickly because it was oh so good. I doubt my stomach will be able to handle anything but poultry meat. I’ll have to remind myself not to have any gravy sauce. Fatty stuff can only make my poor tummy feel miserable. And oh all the cakes I’ll be seeing but not being able to eat! That’ll make me cry a little.
Now I just have to shower, wash my shirt, iron Troy’s shirt, and I’ll be good to go. That doesn’t sound like a very long to-do list, but trust me, it’ll take awhile to accomplish since I’m a procrastinator extraordinaire (man, I love the sound of it). And God knows how easily distracted I am. Oh look, a squirrel!