This and That

Game: Speed Cluster

I’ve found a new favourite flash game and it’s called Speed Cluster. What you need to do in this game is stack the cards in the appropriate order. You can either go up or go down, e.g. 123 or 321 or KQJ or JQK. The more cards you stack, the more points and time you get. It’ll make sense once you started playing. Oh, in case you’re as slow as me, A stands for ace or 1. It had taken me awhile to figure that out. Anyway, my best score was 109270 at level 25.


Photography Makes Good Blog Fodder

Got this picture today from the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland showing one of my work in their ‘We are all photographers now!’ exhibit. You too can be part of the exhibit. All you have to do is submit your work using this form.

Speaking of photo exhibits, I submitted a picture to the JPG Magazine some time ago. Clicking the JPG Magazine vote box in the sidebar will bring you to my submission. The theme I submitted it to is Breakthrough. If enough people voted for it, not only will it be published in JPG Issue 10, it will also be hung in the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery. So if you liked the picture, your vote would be very much appreciated. Please pretty please with sugar on top? ;)

Speaking of magazines, I already mentioned before that another one of my work will be published in another magazine. The magazine is called Photosho. It exhibits the photography of Canadian photographers. I’m not Canadian, but they let me join in the fun anyway, just by living and taking pictures here. :) Anyway, the independent magazine needs your support to make it to the next issue, so if you have any interest in photography at all, please buy a copy!

And speaking of publications, a couple of weeks back I found through the Indonesia Tech blog that Weblog Wannabe was mentioned in a blogging book called The Rough Guide to Blogging: Navigate the Blogosphere by Jonathan Yang (London: Rough Guides Ltd, October 2006). Troy and I then went to a book store to check the book out and saw that it was mentioned in a section on personal blogs/online journals, complete with a screenshot. Sweet! And no, we didn’t buy the book. Maybe later, when (if?) it shows up in a thrift store or a bargain book store. Mind you, we almost exclusively buy books used. We’re cheap that way. Heh.

Meanwhile, it’s still frickin’ snowing in Waterloo.

This and That

Crocheting Tutorial Videos

I always wanted to learn to crochet and wished that someone would show me how. Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone who crochet. For the longest time, I was trying to figure out how to do it by reading and following instructions in books and and some crafty websites. Didn’t quite work out, though I did find out how to do a chain. Couldn’t go any further than that.

A couple of days ago, I found myself thinking that there’s got to be some crocheting tutorial videos out there. Sure enough, there are a bunch of them on YouTube. Now I can start working on Troy’s manly man’s crocheted vest. Hehe. I just love the Intarweb. :)


The Proper 7th Blogiversary Post I Said I’d Write

Come to the Light

Last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy reminds me of a chat I once had years ago with my good friend Emlyn, whom I met through blogging and who was probably my biggest fan ever (no one else ever created a website dedicated to me). I told him how I wanted to make my life extraordinary and he said my life was already extraordinary as it was. He made me think and he was right. It’s just ironic how he became part of the reason that made my life extraordinary. He had to end his own life. I guess he wasn’t as lucky as I was.

When I was feeling like there was no point in life, I had friends who were there for me and who told me to hang on and promised me that life would get better for me. Friends that I wouldn’t have met if not for blogging, who lived in other parts of the world but whom I felt closer to than any friends I had in real life. I dedicate this post for them: Troy, Rebecca, and Jordan. Thank you for being around when I needed you most (even though I frustrated you most of the time) and for being the awesome friends that you are.

If you asked me what the biggest thing I’d achieved through my 7 years of blogging, my answer would be my life. Blogging saved my life. And really, what could be a bigger achievement?
I couldn’t write a better blogiversary post than this.