Anticipating the Anticipations

Robot and Duckie

I guess I should update the wee blog, eh? Not that there’s much to report, but I can say that this year has been a year full of anticipations. I’m currently anticipating:

  • World Pinhole Photography Day. That would be this Sunday. What can I say. I’m a photogeek.
  • The Elora Festival’s 19th Annual Book Sale, which is on the first weekend of May. God knows we need more books in this apartment. Not.
  • The first cottage weekend of the year. That would be the last weekend of May, I think.
  • The second anniversary of our wedding on May 28. Two years and I’m still enjoying being married! I bet some celebrities can’t say the same. Heh.
  • Having one or two of my photographic work hanging on the wall in some gallery in Toronto in July.
  • Being the official wedding photographer for a friend who is getting married in August. I know I’ve sworn off of doing weddings but this is a chance to give a friend a wedding present to be cherished forever, so why not?
  • And last but not least, a two-week vacation in September (tentative). Newfoundland, here I come!

Yep, I’m all anticipated out until September. I’m sure there will be mini-anticipations in between. Oh, and of course I’m also anticipating not having a nightmare every night again. Really, nightmares about human sufferings aren’t fun when you’re not into the whole doom-and-gloom stuff.

Well, gotta run. I have curtains to finish sewing. Aren’t I crafty? ;) I’ll post pictures when it’s up!


Spring is the Time to Grow

Looks like Spring is finally here, though no guarantee on how long it’s going to last (we’ve had snow in May before). I finally got around to planting some seeds we picked up from the dollar store this morning. Three packets for a buck! Though I am wondering what my chance to succeed with these seeds is like. Have you had any luck growing plants from dollar store seeds? I’d be interested to know. If the chance is minuscule, I won’t get my hopes up to avoid disappointment.

I also have the box container in the balcony to fill up. I usually plant some flowery annuals there but this year I feel like planting some cat grass, even though we don’t have any cats. I just like how green it looks. So a trip to a pet store is in order (for the cat grass seeds, not a cat).

I love planting, even if I have a black thumb.


Too Much Love (Not Enough Hate)

Red Berries

Don’t you just love the title of this entry? It could’ve been a title of a crappy song from the 90s. But I’m referring the title to my blog entries. A friend recently asked me what I posted about in my blog. I told him that I posted about how much I hated people. But after checking my archives, I don’t really post too much about hating people. It’s just that people I hate aren’t really worth the bandwidth and the energy I’d have to spend writing the post.

Anyway, since I’m feeling kind of meh today, I think I’m going to concentrate on things that I love. Things like:
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Belated Birthday Post

Birthday Cake

My birthday was this past Saturday and it was lovely. I got a Venus Flytrap plant kit, a couple of books, and an extension tube set for my dSLR from Troy, a 35mm Ricoh SLR camera kit from my brother- and sister-in-law, and some cash from Troy’s parents and grandparents which I spent on a light box kit with two studio lights. Yay, so many new toys to play with!

On my birthday, Troy took me out on a day trip to Port Maitland, where the Grand River meets Lake Erie. We walked along the pier towards the lighthouse and halfway there I felt like going back to the car because it was so frickin’ cold but I didn’t. I just braved the crappy weather and kept taking pictures. Once we got back to the parking lot, a car pulled in and two men came out with their fishing rods and started walking up the pier. I didn’t think their fishing endeavour would last very long.

Later in the evening, Troy’s parents took us out for a birthday dinner at an Italian restaurant and my sister-in-law sneakily told the restaurant people that it was my birthday and, well, you know what happened. I got singing waitresses bringing me a big slice of chocolate cake after we finished our main course. We shared the cake between the six of us. We were so full for the rest of the evening that my mother-in-law had to wait until the next day to bring out my birthday cake. As you can see in the picture, it had eight candles on it. Yes, it was indeed my 8th birthday.

I wish.


My Humps and Moon River

I haven’t posted anything to my Vox account in ages (I wouldn’t even put a link to it) but today I decided to surf around Vox out of boredom and I came across a post with a video of Alanis Morissette doing a hilarious parody of Black Eyed Peas (horrible) song, “My Humps”:

She doesn’t make the song any better but at least the video is funny. Not to say that the original Black Eyed Peas video is not funny. Just see it for yourself (behind the cut):

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