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The Essential Skin

I woke up with a craving for songs by Skin, the ex-Skunk Anansie lead singer. I don’t know where Troy keeps the CD but a search on YouTube brought out some results so I’ve been happily listening to Skin all morning. Not that I’m feeling particularly angsty or anything. It’s just that it’s Saturday and yet Troy has to go to work. And it’s my mum’s birthday. She’d be 64 were she alive.

If you’re not familiar with Skin or just feel like listening to the essential Skin (according to me), I’ve posted the videos in the extended entry.

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Home Sweet Home

Twilight Sky

Well, I’ve been back from the trip since Friday night but then I had to start getting all stressed out about the medical check-up I had to go through on Tuesday for immigration purposes (which went well, by the way) and then I’ve been busy putting together my application for Canadian permanent residency, which is supposed to be sent in early next week. It’s a busy time in Firdaland. I’ve been so busy that I’ve got really behind in processing the 7 GB worth of pictures that I took during the trip, plus the two rolls of 35mm film that have been processed and scanned into a CD by the photolab (thank God!). Still have yet to drop off the two rolls of 120 film for processing. And I still have a roll of 120 negative from before the trip that needs to be scanned. Hopefully some time next week I’ll be able to catch up with my photography.

I had an amazing trip out west. Saw a lot of wildlife, except for moose and bears. I’ve seen more bears in a dump in Ontario (about half a dozen) than in the Canadian Rockies or Vancouver Island (zero). But all the elks (lots of them), wolves, deers, pikas, bald eagle, sea lions, sea otters, porpoises, and humpback whales I saw kind of made up for the lack of moose and bears. And I took tonnes of pictures of the ever so mesmerizing jellyfish at the Vancouver Aquarium. I love jellyfish, but I don’t think I’d want to come across them in the wild because they sting.

Hmm, I don’t know why I started writing this entry. I don’t usually make much sense late at night. I guess I just needed to let you know that I’m home safe and sound and in one piece.

More pictures are coming up, I promise! In the meantime, just enjoy the few I’ve uploaded to Flickr.


Greetings from Alberta!

It’s Day 5 of the trip and it’s been tiring but fun. Right now we’re staying in Canmore (half an hour south of the town of Banff), which is our home base while we’re exploring Banff. So far, I’m not too impressed with what I’ve seen of Banff National Park. It seems to be pretty lame and tame compared to Jasper where we spent the last 3 nights. Lake Louise was pretty disappointing. The only place in Banff National Park that I’ve been impressed with so far was Peyto Lake/Bow Summit. The walk to the lookout almost killed me (I really don’t like steep trails) but it was well worth it.

I have a lot of stories but I think I’ll save them for when I’m back home and have pictures to show. For now, I’ll just tell you that I’ve mastered the art of distracting tourists away from the best picture-taking spots. All you have to do is point your camera the other way and they’ll follow suit and vacate the spot you’re after. That’s when you take over the spot and start shooting happily. You should try it the next time you go to a busy tourist attraction. It really works! :)

Well, gotta go. Later, skater!



While playing around with the stylesheet, I accidentally deleted part of the stylesheet. I couldn’t revert back to the unmodified stylesheet and I have no backup so please excuse the mess. I don’t know whether I’m going to fix the design or just dump it and either create a new design or use a pre-made template. We’ll see.

UPDATE: Spoke Posted too soon. I do have a backup. Phew! Moving along!