Naughty or Nice?

First Shot

Early in December, we went to a family gathering type thing and I saw a wall spread showing a happy-looking Santa Claus in a forest surrounded by animals such as deers, a fox, some birds, some bunnies and a grizzly bear. The first thing that crossed my mind upon seeing it was which one of them was eaten by the grizzly bear first and I came to a sad conclusion that it was probably Santa since the animals should be able to leave the spot faster than he could, especially since his sleigh was nowhere to be seen.

If Santa thought I was a bad girl for having that thought (and probably even more so for not being a Christian), then at least Troy and his family still loved me because they gave me a bunch of presents for Christmas. I got a new lens and books and clothings and books and winter boots and books and a photo album and chocolates (both the eating and the drinking kinds) and an infra-red electric back massager and a jade plant and more cameras for my collection and Ticket to Ride Europe board game (highly recommended) and gift certificates to Henry’s (a photography store) and some other little things I can’t remember off the top of my head.

Seriously, with that amount of presents, I couldn’t have been a bad girl. ;)


Bloggie Silliness

This might be only of interest to new visitors coming from the Bloggie site, but for all its worth, take the rather outdated What’s Your Chance to Win a Bloggie? quiz (ca. 2004) or better still, get a blog award from the badly-styled Award-O-Matic (ca. 2003) if you’re really, really bored, and then blog about it. ;) In case you’re curious, the quiz says I have 45% chance to win a Bloggie. Yeah, pretty low indeed! And there’s still a bunch of other blogging quizzes where it comes from. I was once a bored and productive blogger. Now I’m just a bored blogger. Heh.


Happy New Year!

Winter Fog

I probably should’ve wished you a happy new year with yesterday’s post but the day was kind of blah (as in grey and snowy) yesterday it just didn’t feel appropriate. Today, however, is sunny and the sky is blue. The kind of day you’d wish other people good things and really mean it, so happy new year, everyone!

So, I have plans for this year. I’d rather call it plans instead of resolutions because it’s okay for plans to fall through while resolutions you have to keep or you’ll feel bad otherwise. I don’t have too many plans at the moment since I’m one of those plan-as-I-go people but as of now I have plans to (in no particular order):

  • shoot more with film cameras, especially now that I’m a proud owner of a beautiful Hasselblad 500C/M medium format SLR camera;
  • get at least one more A12 film back for the Hasselblad;
  • get a manual Canon 35mm film camera (Canon AE-1 or A-1) that works (my ancient Canon FTb doesn’t work too well) with a f/1.2 or f/1.4 lens or find a fast M-42 lens for my Pentax and Praktica SLR cameras;
  • do some research on renting space to do a solo show (if I feel confident enough, unless someone is generous enough to provide free space for my solo show *hint, hint*);
  • learn how to use my brand new Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC ultra wide angle lens properly with my year-old Canon Rebel XTi (thank God for generous husbands);
  • decide which cameras to bring to our trip to the Canadian Maritimes ahead of time instead of the day before the trip;
  • enjoy the beautiful views during the trip instead of after the trip while browsing the pictures from it;
  • call my family back in Indonesia at least once a month (I really suck at keeping in touch);
  • go to more music concerts;
  • redesign this blog.

Wow. I didn’t know I had that many plans. I think I’ve already had enough plans to last me a whole year! I was going to add “have less nightmares” to the list but sadly I have no control over my dreams. Last night I had a nightmare in which I was back in high school. It was horrible. I truly hated high school. I’ve never felt more invisible than I was back in high school. So many superficial rich brats. They were worse than zombies! At least zombies would notice people who had brain. Heh. I know, bad joke.

Happy new year once again!


It’s 2008!


And I’ve got some hits from the 2008 Bloggies Awards already. Apparently the wee blog has been placed in the Hall of Fame for winning the Best Asian Weblog category three times and is not eligible for nominations in that category anymore. Not that I’ve been anywhere near Asia in the last three years so I wouldn’t be eligible anyway. Of course, you can still nominate the blog in the Best Canadian Weblog. Or the Best Photography of a Weblog. Or maybe the Lifetime Achievement category if you reaaaally want. ;) And what’s in it for you, you ask? Well, I might post here more often since Bloggies nominations = more traffic = more readers = more comments = Firda posting more blog entries because she’s an attention whore. But “might” is the keyword here, so no promises there. Yeah, I know. I suck. :)

The truth is, I used to post often back then because my beloved readers would wonder about my well-being if I didn’t post anything for days and I would feel guilty for it. Now that they know that Troy is taking excellent care of me, if I didn’t post for ages, no one would question my absence so I don’t feel guilty for not posting. Hence the infrequent posting. So there you have it. My grand excuse for being a slogger (slacking blogger).

Anyway, since it’s the new year, here’s a list of good eye and ear candies from 2007 in threes according to yours truly because I desperately need an excuse to make a list (not really though). So, without further ado:

Feel free to post your version in the comment form. I’m not just pimping for comments. I really do want to know! Honest!