Yesterday I became a permanent resident of Canada (basically like a Canadian citizen without the rights to vote or be voted in the federal election and can be kicked out of the country if committed a crime) and today? Today we became homeowners. Yeah, I know. Crazy.

I’ll write a longer post once everything has sunk in. In the meantime, if anyone would like to offer me a job or have a lead to a job, preferably a telecommuting job in the new media industry, feel free to contact me.


Yays and Nays

Things I will miss about this apartment once we move out into our own house:

  1. Relatively cheap rent;
  2. Not having to pay for utilities because they’re already included in the rent;
  3. The location, because I actually like Waterloo.

Things I won’t miss about this apartment once we move out into our own house:

  1. The Dirties across the hall who like to play crappy songs super loud;
  2. Stompy McStompenheimer upstairs;
  3. Either upstairs or downstairs neighbours who smoke in their bedroom and pass the smoke through the water control hole in the closet (don’t ask) into our bedroom;
  4. The crappy fridge shelf that keeps coming off;
  5. The heating system that we have no control of which keeps this apartment in summer temperatures, even in the dead of winter;
  6. Our bedroom slash storage combo;
  7. The big, ugly couch that comes with the apartment;
  8. Uneven shower temperature;
  9. The tiny kitchen/dining room;
  10. The boring white walls.

My Ideal House

According to Troy, we still haven’t found a house to buy after two weeks of hardcore househunting sessions because my standards are too high. I disagree with that. I don’t think my standards are too high. I just know exactly what I want.

In case you want to see whether my standards are too high or not, these are my ideal house criteria, in no particular order:

  • older than your grandparents, because newer houses seem to be lacking character;
  • detached, because I don’t want to have to share a wall with the neighbour ever again;
  • spacious rooms, because we have way too much crap to accommodate;
  • at least 3 bedrooms, though if the house is exceptionally nice, 2 bedrooms would be fine;
  • good-sized, fenced backyard with mature trees;
  • smells nice/doesn’t smell like death by nicotine;
  • carpet-free, or at least minimum carpeting;
  • large kitchen, so I don’t have to be scared of being in the kitchen with Troy at the same time;
  • a bathroom on the same level with the master bedroom;
  • finished basement, though unfinished one would be fine as long as it can be used for (mostly book) storage;
  • good privacy;
  • porch or deck or sunroom for my plants;
  • gas heating, preferably high-efficiency;
  • newer electrical wiring, i.e. no more fuses, so the house can be easily insured;
  • private driveway;
  • friendly neighbourhood;

Um, I think that’s about all. Since we’re going to be stuck with the house for many years, might as well get one that’s closest to being ideal. I think it’s realistic. What do you think?


Stale Weekend Wrap-up

In case you’re wondering about how the Picture the Cure Again show I was talking about last week went, it went fine. I got one picture sold on the opening night, which was cool. We got six friends showing up and some of them bought pictures. Even we bought a picture (for when we have a house because all the walls in our tiny apartment are taken). That’s the condensed version of how Saturday went anyway. The unabridged version is behind the cut.

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Do you like my latest indoor garden art installation? :) It’s called “Jesus and His 5 Prickly Apostles”. I had three choices for the centre piece: Buddha, Jesus, and Yeti. Buddha is a bit too short to stand out and Yeti is a bit too tall. Jesus is just the right size. I’m rather proud of the final result.

4 of the 5 Prickly Apostles come from Ikea. We picked up three of them on Sunday. I did a blunder by watering the cactii right after repotting. I should’ve waited a week, but I didn’t learn about it until after I watered the plants. Ooopsie! I hope they’ll survive.