My Dream Backyard

I know it hasn’t been a month since my last blog post and no one has told me to update yet BUT I just found my dream backyard (!!!) and it looks like this. WANT! Of course, there’d be compromises to be made. I’m sure Troy would want to keep the grass in the backyard because he loves mowing the lawn so much (ha!) so maybe we can have half of the backyard (the left-hand side, please) look like my dream backyard and the other half look like everyone else’s backyard. Maybe?

I know it’s going to take a lot of work, time and money but just like the house, the backyard could always be a work in progress. I’m thinking of waiting until this Fall to start working on it, just because gardening in the Fall sounds less boring than gardening in the Summer. I also read than Fall is a good time for planting shrubs and trees. I love shrubs and trees. I already know what trees I want but I haven’t decided on the shrubbery yet. For trees, I would like: a callery pear, a redbud, a Japanese maple, and a blue spruce. We probably only have enough space for two trees at most but eh, it’s always nice to dream.

Anyway, I’m hungry. Supper is Quiche Lorraine and it is cooking in the oven. I just hope that it’s not going to end up being an epic failure like yesterday’s Linguine Chicken Alfredo. (Update: The Quiche Lorraine dinner was awesome!)


Home is…

My two major plans for the house interior have been pretty much thwarted. Furnishing the house with Danish Modern furniture? No go. Every time we came across a piece of Danish Modern furniture, Troy would say either it’s too big or plain ugly. Painting the door and window wood trims white? No go again. But I don’t really mind. I’ve come to a realization that all the wood is what gives the house character. Plus, we really hate painting. We found out about it the hard way. Oh, and I really didn’t want to have Troy’s big, ugly, monstrous shelves anywhere in the house, but look what’s standing by the back wall of the dining room. None other than the big, ugly, monstrous shelves! The only one of my plans that actually came together was the plan to have mismatch furniture in the living room because that’s how our living room is. A living room with matching furniture is just too grown-up for my liking.

I’ve accepted the fact that the house will never, ever look perfect like other people’s houses in home improvement magazines because (1) we’re not rich and (2) we have way too much crap in our possession. As long as the house feels like home to me instead of like someone else’s house, I’m happy. Hell, I’m happy to have a home at all since my old home is no longer. Home to me was the house I grew up with, with my mother in it. After my mother passed away, it just didn’t feel like home anymore. Now I have a new home. Home is this old house full of books, CDs, DVDs, videogames, and board games, and with Troy in it.

It may sound cliché, but home is indeed where the heart is.

Addendum: When I’m feeling homesick, it’s always for the home with my mother in it which always makes my homesickness feel worse than it should be because that home I’m longing for just doesn’t exist anymore. I’m really looking forward to being away and feeling homesick for this house we’re living in. (This might happen next month!)


Home in the Making


I wish I could say that those flowers are from our garden, but sadly, they aren’t. We’ve done a lot of weeding on our front and back yards and Troy has mowed the yards a couple of times but that’s about all the work we’ve done to our garden. Partly because the gardening season is already over, but mostly because there are always so many things to do inside the house. We’ve been here almost a month but we still have so many boxes to unpack. It’s just that we moved from a one-bedroom apartment with two big closets and one small one to a three-bedroom house with three small closets, so storage is definitely an issue here. We just don’t know where to put our stuff! You wouldn’t believe the amount of crap we had managed to accumulate while living in such a small space.

Other than that, we love our house. The interior is still pretty much a work in progress but I think we’re doing a good job. The house already feels nice and homey. It is still messy, but like I said, it’s a work in progress. And we still haven’t had a couch. Troy just ordered one online last night but it won’t be here until next month. It’s the exact couch we’ve been planning on buying since before we moved in. It’s a sleeper sofa with some storage space underneath. The storage part is what sold us on it. God knows we need more storage. While we are couchless, we’ve been perusing our ratty old loveseat covered by a new slipcover that doesn’t really fit (do they ever?). But it’ll be out of the house in a month so it doesn’t really matter.

We’re planning on having friends over at our place to entertain the next couple of weekends, which should be fun. We very rarely had people over when we were still apartment-dwellers because we simply had no space to entertain more than two people at a time. Now we have a large deck and a big backyard to entertain friends and family. And a barbecue grill! We just need to make our house less messy and more presentable before the end of the week.

Well, I’ve got to go back to unpacking and such. I will eventually put up some before and after pictures from around the house to feed your curiosity. But please, for the love of all that’s holy, don’t hold your breath!