10th Blogiversary!


10 years ago today, I posted my first blog post under the Weblog Wannabe moniker. We at Casa Troy and Firda are celebrating this 10th blogiversary by, uh, not doing much.

I’m also feeling a little depressed because yesterday during an eye exam with an optometrist I was diagnosed with glaucoma. I don’t have tunnel vision yet so hopefully it’s still in its early stage. We’ll find out for sure once I undergo the field of vision test, scheduled for April, on the day after my birthday. Excellent timing, eh? Going blind is one of my biggest fears. Glaucoma’s nickname is “the silent thief of vision.” See why I’m freaking out? I pretty much live to share what I see. That’s why I blog. That’s why I take pictures.

Anyway, not really in a celebratory mood today but I’d like to call today the Weblog Wannabe Reader Unlurking Day! According to Feedburner, I have over 500 readers but my comment count seems to disagree with it. So if you feel like cheering me up a bit, leave a comment. Let me know how long you you’ve been reading. It’ll make my day!

This and That

Sign Language: a short film

I remember seeing these “static outdoor information technicians” on Oxford Street when I was exploring the city of London (UK), alone in the Spring of 2004. Even remember seeing the “Golf Sale” sign. Apparently these technicians have since been banished from Oxford Street.

Anyway, I’m a sucker for cute, short films and this is one of those. (via Neatorama)

This and That

How to Think for Yourself

How to Think for Yourself []

You’d think it’s easy. It’s not. I know from first-hand experience. I’ve been doing it all my grown-up life. Results: Not many friends made and my own blood family think I am so going to hell. But I’m doing it anyway because that’s just how I roll. That’s me. I’m a freethinker. If no one else could accept me the way I am then at least I have my husband on my side.


Hey, What’s Up?

An Offering

Wow, it’s been awhile since I posted an update here! But if you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’ve been blogging somewhere else. I fell in love with Tumblr. It reminds me of the good, old days of blogging where it’s all about sharing cool stuff on the web. I really wish I could do the things I could do with Tumblr here but Movable Type’s bookmarklet is just not as capable as Tumblr’s. But then again, my blog is not running the latest version of Movable Type. They might have improved the bookmarklet with the latest version. I don’t know. Can any Movable Type users running the latest version verify this?

Anyway, more than one exciting things happened since my last posts. In chronological order:

  • I finally bought my dream digital SLR camera, a camera I’ve been wanting since it came out in 2005: the Canon EOS 5D! Yay! I bought it used because I wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise and it’s just as awesome as I thought it would be.
  • We got our oil-powered furnace and water heater replaced with gas powered ones. The new high-efficiency furnace does a better job heating up the house and, most importantly, doesn’t stop working while we’re sleeping at night like the oil furnace did.
  • We got a new niece! She is my younger brother and his wife’s second child/daughter and our third niece, and she’s beautiful. I’m sad that I’m hardly part of my two of my three nieces and one nephew’s lives since I live on the other side of the planet from them but I’m always happy to see them happy in their Facebook photos. (I find that last part really depressing, by the way.)

I’m almost sure there are other exciting things that happened last month that I failed to mention but I really can’t remember. But then again, it could be just because I found last month anything but boring.

Currently, I’m trying to make my own designs of soft toys. I have this idea to start my own one-of-a-kind, handmade, soft toy online store. I’ve never sold any soft toys that I made except for one sock monkey so we’ll see how this plan goes. I’m really excited about this and really hope that it’ll work out. I’ll keep you posted!