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Newfoundland Trip and Giveaway Winner!

Window Seat

We haven’t gone on a trip outside Ontario since our trip to Winnipeg, Manitoba in February 2008 (Winnipeg! In winter!) so I’ve been super excited about our upcoming trip to Newfoundland, especially since we booked the flights this past Thursday. The trip is not until late this spring but WestJet was having a sale and the flights we wanted were roughly half price. Might as well get them. Also, it helped us decide when we’d like to leave. We weren’t sure before. We only knew it was going to be some time in June, but now we have dates. Progress!

I’ve been trying to decide whether to spend more time in Gros Morne National Park or in L’Anse aux Meadows. Both places sound just as exciting. One has fjords, the other has icebergs. Really, how do I decide? I just hope that we’ll be lucky enough to have some good weather while we’re there. From what I heard, the weather in Newfoundland is unpredictable at best. I don’t really mind some fog. It looks nice in pictures. Just as long as it’s not so thick that you can’t see a big moose crossing the road. That wouldn’t be good. And Newfoundland has a lot of moose!

I’ve been so busy doing research relating to our Newfoundland trip that I almost forgot to blog. I would’ve let this week pass without a blog entry if I weren’t trying to stick with my Operation Blog Revival mission. That and I need to announce the winner of my 11th blogiversary giveaway! Without further ado, the winner is… Dave2 of Blogography! Yay! I’ve won a couple of awesome things from Blogography blogiversary giveaways in the past so I’m happy to see the generator thingy picked his number. Congrats, Dave! I’ll be in touch with you. And thanks to all the commenters to my blogiversary post for your participation. Stick around, there might be another giveaway next year and it might be YOUR lucky day. ;)

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Exciting Times, 11th Blogiversary, and a Giveaway


I’ve had people recognizing me in real life from reading my blog, but for the first time ever, I had someone recognizing me from my Twitter avatar this Friday and guess who it was? It was Rick Mercer! I’m not sure how many non-Canadians have ever heard of Mr. Mercer. Let’s just say that he is one of the funniest and most loved TV personalities in Canada. He has a weekly TV show on the CBC called the Mercer Report in which he visits unusual events and attractions across Canada and makes fun of politicians. You can watch videos from his show on YouTube if you’re interested.

Anyway, a friend of ours got us tickets to see the taping of the Mercer Report at the CBC studio last year and it was for this past Friday. Before Troy and I left, I posted a tweet saying that I will be spending today in Toronto and will meet up with friends for Indian dinner before heading out to see the taping of the Mercer Report. Fast forward to after the Indian dinner. We got to the CBC building at a decent time before the line got too long and after being transported to the 10th floor, we got seated on the second row, which was pretty good. The show taping went really smoothly, everything was shot in one take. We got to watch pre-shot segments for the next week’s episode on the many TV screens hanging over the studio and they recorded our reactions, claps, laughs and scoffs for the show. No laugh tracks here! When the camera wasn’t rolling, Mr. Mercer would interact with the audience and made us laugh. I loved it when he said that he encourages flash photography in the studio when the camera isn’t rolling.

The taping of the show was over in, I believe, less than an hour. While lining up to leave the studio for the elevator, I heard about there being two lines: one for the elevator and one for those who would like to meet with Mr. Mercer. We decided to join the latter. I wasn’t really sure what I was going to say to him when our turn came. Thought I’d leave Troy to do the talking for the two of us. When it was our turn, Mr. Mercer greeted us and shook our hands warmly before he turned to me and ask, “Did you have Indian?” He totally caught me off guard with that question. “How did you know?” “I read your tweet! You look Indian and you wear glasses in your Twitter icon.” “Wow. I’m not Indian but that is so cool! So you actually read all the @replies on Twitter?” “Not always but I had an hour to kill before the show and I like to see if anyone tweets about going to the taping.”

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Our poor little car Syd (short for Six Years in Debt) got rear-ended earlier this week and since it had had so much mileage in it (Troy travels a lot for work and we like to take long drives), the insurance company decided to consider it a loss rather than paying to have it fixed.

Saying goodbye to Syd was kind of sad. It might not be the greatest car in the world but it was a good little car. It never caused us any major problems. Just minor things here and there and that’s all. It took us all the way out East on our honeymoon and back without a hitch. It also took us on countless road trips, long and short, fun and not so. I didn’t know that the day Syd took us home safely from Guelph in the middle of a blizzard two Saturdays ago would be my last ride with it.

We bagged up stuff from Syd one cold Thursday afternoon and it somehow reminded me of the time I packed up my mother’s things at the hospital after she passed away. Syd wouldn’t even start when Troy tried to move it a little. It was so much like visiting a dying family member. It was sad. I didn’t cry or anything, but it was still sad. Syd went to car heaven the next day. Goodbye, Syd! You were a good car.

I heard from from one of my brothers in Indonesia this morning that our old, faithful, household helper passed away yesterday. She served our household for many, many years. Even though she was never a live-in helper like most Indonesian household helpers, she was loyal to my mother to a fault. After my mother died, she refused to serve our household anymore. Her loyalty belonged to my mother, not the family.

I always thought I would bump into her somehow when I go back to Indonesia for a visit someday, but I guess it’s not meant to be. I’ll always fondly remember her as the maker of the best Sambal Tempe Bakar I’ve ever had.

Goodbye, Yu Ranti! So long and thanks for everything you had ever done for us, and especially for my mum near the end of her life.

I hate goodbyes.


Something About Thrifting

Just Don't

I don’t usually give a post a title until I finished writing the post but I’m doing it the other way around this time, just to see if it’ll help me focus on what I’m planning to say. Which I’m not really sure what but I guess it’s going to be something about thrifting. We go thrifting almost every weekend so it can’t be so difficult to write about it, right? So thrifting it is then.

So. Thrifting. Lately I’ve been thrifting for stuff to resell on Etsy. My one golden rule is I have to want to own whatever it is I decide to buy. It’s fun because I get to buy things I love but have no use for, which I would otherwise have to pass with sadness. Plus, I get to indulge my obsession for Things That Could’ve Belonged to Someone’s Grandma™. Awesome!

I like to go straight to the linen section as soon as I get to a thrift store. It’s usually pretty quiet but yesterday at a small Mennonite thrift store in the heart of Mennonite country, when I got to the linen section, there were a bunch of Mennonite men congregating awkwardly in that particular area, and I was like, guh? Anyway, I made my way through the crowd, started browsing what they had in store and procured some lovely tablecloths, one of it for half price because it had the right colour tag. Win!

Sadly, thrifting trips are not always full of win. Today we went thrifting in the city of London, Ontario and it was pretty disappointing considering the number of thrift stores we hit (9!). I did pick up a couple of things I like, such as an awesome brass owl wall hanging clip thingy (among others), but nothing phenomenal. Hopefully tomorrow’s thrifting round will yield better results. (Okay, so the thrifting trip to London was full of win for Troy because he got to pick up a bunch of board games. Not for me, though.)

On our way up to London, Troy mentioned something about that sign you can see in the photo above. I just had to snap a picture with my point-and-shoot camera when we passed it on our way back home, just because I thought it was kind of funny. Would’ve been funnier if there were geese and sheep in the photo!