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The Ever-Changing Travel Plan, Pt. 2


One of the many reasons I love my husband is because he lets me make all sorts of crazy travel plans for us, though I suspect it’s because he knows I will eventually come to my senses and will come up with more sensible plans in the end. And yes, as the title suggests, I’ve changed my mind a little about where we’re going on our much anticipated trip to Europe next year.
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New Specs and Jayne Cobb’s Hat

So I got new specs! It’s frame #5 (see this post) with the same, old prescription. The optometrist didn’t find any changes in my eyes, and, unlike the last time two years ago, he didn’t mention anything about glaucoma. Maybe it’s disappeared, maybe I never had it in the first place. Who knows. I don’t even need bifocals yet, so yay to my eyes for doing great! I need to keep eating a lot of carrots.
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