This and That

My Apartment Crush

Firda: “Drew was my apartment crush.”
Troy: “You’re really attracted to unattainable men, aren’t you?”
Firda: “But he was so dreamy…”

Drew lived on the top floor of our apartment building back when we still lived in Waterloo. He always looked dapper and he had a great smile. One winter during a blizzard, Troy helped him get his car out of the apartment’s parking lot so he could rescue his boyfriend whose car was stuck in a ditch somewhere. The next day, he came over to our apartment to say thanks and gave Troy a thank you card and a Tim Horton’s gift card. So nice! Wish we had been friends.

This and That

No More Change of Plans

Have picked the date we’re leaving for Iceland as well as the date of the flight home. We’ll be in Iceland for two weeks in May and we’ll try see as much of Iceland as we possibly can. Haven’t booked anything yet because I’m still trying to figure out our itinerary. We’re going to try to make it as far north as the Arctic Circle. It’s November already and time is beginning to fly! Suddenly May doesn’t seem too far away anymore.