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Jayne Cobb’s Hat 2.0

I made another Jayne Cobb‘s cunning hat using a different pattern than the last one. This one is going to a random person on reddit as I’m participating in the reddit’s Hats and Scarves Exchange. Now let’s see if I can pull off crocheting a scarf in less than 48 hours. Worst case scenario, I just have to buy my match one, though I’d really rather make one myself. We shall see!
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Belated 13th Blogiversary Bloggage

Happy 13th birthday, my dear blog! Here’s a little birthday present: a new look!

Sometimes I’d think of something and thought, hey, that would be an interesting topic to write about on the blog. But then I’d sit down and start writing only to decide that the topic was boring, and even if it wasn’t, no one would care anyway because personal blog is a thing of the past, and I’d abandon the post. Can’t compete with Facebook where one can get tonnes of comments just by posting a line of cryptic Facebook status. Personal blog post: big effort, small to no gain. Cryptic Facebook status: zero effort, big gain.
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