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Picks of the Web for April 30, 2014

100 Places · Iceland · Travel

№ 10 – Búðir, Snæfellsnes, Iceland

I had been looking forward to taking pictures of this church at Búðir in Snæfellsnes Peninsula because the location is very picturesque, but earlier in the day, the boat that was supposed to take us on a whale-watching tour left without us because apparently Icelandic people are not the greatest at at marking places so we missed the area where we were supposed to board the boat. When we finally found it with a help from a local Icelandic family we met at the harbour, the boat already left even though it was still before the time it was supposed to leave. We’d already had a whale-watching tour cancelled when we were in Northern Iceland (and the tour operator didn’t even bother to notify us about it being cancelled so we had a hurried breakfast that morning for nothing — could’ve had more of that tasty, homemade skyr at the B&B otherwise) so I was feeling extra bummed about it.

Anyway, when we got to Búðir, I was quite the Ms. Grumpy McGrumpsalot and my heart wasn’t really in it when I was taking pictures of the surroundings. We could have taken the path to a nearby beach but didn’t because I was grumpy and now I kind of regret it. Oh well. Some other time. When we go back to Iceland to explore the Westfjords (the only region we didn’t get to see in our first visit), we will have to give Snæfellsnes Peninsula another chance for sure.

Addendum: We’re one-tenth of the way through the 100 Places Project! Hurray!

This and That

Jens Lekman – You Are The Light

This song is from almost ten years ago. I remember listening to it (or rather, the whole album this song is from) a lot in the car with my husband in our first year together. It’s a happy, catchy, and funny song. I think it needs to be in everyone’s feelgood playlist. The chorus will get stuck in your head for a while but there are many things far worse than having “you are the light by which I travel into this and that” play repeatedly in your head forever.

Jens Lekman is a Swedish singer-songwriter. If you haven’t been properly introduced to his music yet, this page has a good selection of his songs that can be downloaded for free. Be sure to check out his cover of J.S. Bach’s “Minuet in G”, also known as “A Lover’s Concerto”. I just really, really love it. So good and happy! Also check out the one titled “Maple Leaf”. It’s another funny one!

100 Places · Canada · Travel

№ 9 – Spirit Island, Alberta, Canada

You don’t have to have the ability to walk on water to get to Spirit Island by foot from the mainland. You could just simply walk there. But you probably don’t want to do that or you would make a whole bunch of tourists angry for ruining their pictures of one of the most photographed spots in the Canadian Rockies.

You can only get to Spirit Island by taking the Maligne Lake boat tour (well, you could probably hike there but it might take a while). The boat tour was a little pricey but I guess the beautiful scenery we saw during the tour made it worth it.

We had to sit around waiting for our boat for quite a while. I remember us making some stupid videos while waiting because we were bored. There wasn’t really much to do there otherwise. Well, we could’ve rented a canoe or a kayak, but that would’ve been redundant. At least the surrounding view was pretty.

Spirit Island is located on Maligne Lake within Jasper National Park, which is one of my favourite Canadian national parks. If you have to choose between Jasper and Banff National Parks to visit, go for Jasper. You won’t regret it! It’s just as beautiful but not as touristy. Too bad it’s about four hours away from where we will be in June.

This and That

The New Pornographers – Letter from an Occupant

CBC Music posted a list of The New Pornographers’ 15 Best Songs this morning and I was pleased to see that my most favourite song of theirs, Letter from an Occupant, was sitting on top of the list at #1. It’s such a great song.

The New Pornographers is one of the Canadian bands I would love to see live but still haven’t got the chance to, mostly because they tend to skip our area (as in Kitchener-Waterloo and London, Ontario) when they are touring. Maybe someday they’ll play in our town, though realistically, the probability of that ever happening is in the proximity of zero.

100 Places · Canada · Travel

№ 8 – Norris Point, Newfoundland, Canada

Norris Point is a quaint little town in Bonne Bay, within the beautiful Gros Morne National Park. It is home to the most excellent Bonne Bay Marine Station where we had a fun, educational time one morning, getting introduced, up close and personal, to some interesting sea creatures, some of which we even got the chance to touch.

While I was busy taking pictures of the sunset one evening, a local man was filling my husband and his dad in on all the latest local gossips. Later I learned that the man actually had his own show at the local radio station. We sure got all the gossips from the best source!

Anyway, I just realized that I had lost a two-day’s worth of photos from the Newfoundland trip due to some photo transferring kerfuffle that happened about a year ago. Pretty bummed about it, but there really isn’t much we can do about it. Oh well. Live and learn.