5 Bad TV Shows of 2005

These shows weren’t necessarily begun in 2005. The only criteria for this list is that they were being aired on TV this year and I watched each one of them at least a couple of times. Now on with the show:

5. Amazing Race: Family Edition
This has got to be the most painful Amazing Race to watch. The only reason I watched it until the end was so that I could see the Weavers lose because if they did then all the hours wasted watching this show would be justified. And they did lose, praise the Lord! I just wish it had happened much, much earlier.

4. Degrassi: The Next Generation
Maybe it’s just me (I’m not Canadian and I’m definitely not Kevin Smith) but this show is just so predictable and contains cheesiness level so high that I have to roll my eyes so much when I’m watching it, enough to give me headaches. Unfortunately, like all good Canadians, Troy watches this show religiously so I just have to endure it. It’s only for half an hour a week anyway. I can handle it.

3. Invasion
I’m not really a big fan of TV shows with storylines that are so hard to believe that you could almost see the writers rolling on the floor laughing at you behind the scene for watching it. Invasion is that kind of show. Here’s an example. In one episode, there’s this scene where some guy gives another guy a chainsaw and tells him cut his own arm off, and the guy actually does cut his own arm off! I was hoping that it was meant to be a scene from the guy’s nightmare or something, but it’s not! Horrible.

2. CSI: Miami
The latest season of all three CSIs suck ass. Well, I don’t really watch CSI: NY but I’m sure it just sucks as much ass as the original CSI. CSI: Miami, however, takes the cake in suckiness department, thanks to David Caruso and his oh-I’m-so-cool attitude. He’s SO not cool. Gary Sinise is cooler than him. But then again, Gary Sinise is cooler than most people. David Caruso just makes me angry.

1. 24
There is this show that makes me filled with rage only by thinking of it, and it’s called 24. Every time a new episode of 24 came out, I prayed that the main character (Jack?) would get killed so my suffering could end. But of course it never happened. Worse still, Troy just can’t quit watching it. With the new season coming in January, I can see the future, and the future is bleak.

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  1. I can’t resist to wait the show tonite. Are the airforce gonna be fired? Why is the CTU so stupid being distracted with any Marwan-Barus relationship?

  2. Old skool Degrassi (Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High) were the BOMB!! EVERYONE WATCHED THEM!! and yes the stories then were kinda dorky too but they had good lessons for the kids to learn yo! sadly i am not home from work when the new Degrassi airs so i miss out. what a tragedy!
    i still love the original CSI but i cant stand any of the others. good call about idiot-face Caruso!
    and yeah – 24 should have gone one season and finished in a blaze of glory. the concept is just ANNOYING now!

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