5 Firefox Extensions I Can’t Live Without

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Having a new computer, I had to do a fresh install of all my favourite software, including Firefox. While Firefox is good on its own, I was so used to having all the additional features that Firefox extensions provide that my life felt incomplete when one of them was missing. It may sound overdramatic, but it’s true! Especially since I spend most of my time in front of the computer.

I thought of writing this post because I didn’t find the last extension that I wanted and sorely missed until this morning. I’ll let you know which one it is as the list progresses. So here’s my list of five Firefox extensions I can’t live without (in no particular oder):

  1. Greasemonkey
    I’m using some user scripts that make viewing my Flickr comments easier and allow me to download videos from YouTube. Can’t do that without Greasemonkey.
  2. Paste and Go
    It’s so much easier to just paste URLs into the address box or to paste search terms into the search box without having to press enter. So I’m lazy. Sue me. You won’t get much.
  3. TinyURL Creator
    This one comes in handy when I need to share all the cool cameras I came across on eBay with Troy. That’s all I need this extension for, really. But I browse eBay so much I can’t live without this extension.
  4. Copy Plain Text
    I don’t like it when I paste something to an email I’m writing on Thunderbird and the copied text appears all formatted because I’m a text-only email kind of girl. This extension helps get rid of that annoyance.
  5. text/plain
    For the life of me, I couldn’t remember the name of this extension so I had to try out a bunch of text URL converter extensions before I finally re-acquainted with this one today. The thing is, I don’t want Firefox to convert text URLs to hyperlinks. I just want to be able to select a text URL/email address and then decide what I want to do with it, which is exactly what this extension allows me to do.

Honourable mention goes to Adblock, TabMixPlus, Web Developer, and BugMeNot, but other than Adblock and TabMixPlus (that I think are on everybody’s list), I don’t really use the other extensions all that often. Does the search selected text feature come with Firefox or from an extension? That’s another feature I can’t live without. Oh, and I just installed an extension called VideoDownloader. I think it works even better than the Greasemonkey script I’ve been using. Sweet.

I only have 12 extensions in total installed on Firefox so these are really my top 5 extensions. For such a hardcore Internet user, my needs are quite simple and I think it shows. If you’re a Firefox user, what are your favourite extensions? Is there any extensions you think I wouldn’t be able to live without if I had them installed? Let me know and I’ll check it out.

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  1. Fabulous!
    The extensions that I couldn’t live without are Webmail Compose and Spellbound. I have a bunch of others, but I use those the most.
    I may try Copy Plain Text. I usually copy the text, paste it into notepad and then copy that. Copy Plain Text sounds much better.

  2. i cant live without Xinha Here!

    Xinha Here! is a wrapper for the Xinha HTML editor that enables WYSIWYG editing in any HTML textarea and text input elements. Xinha Here! opens Xinha editor on the client side. This allows you to edit the field data in a WYSIWYG editor on any website without coping and pasting to a secondary editor.

  3. IE Tab is a top ranker for me….
    Mostly because at work there are some web apps we use that were not programmed in a firefox friendly manner.
    Somehow IE seems much less evel wrapped in a firefox blanket…

  4. Noscript is an absolute must for me…some ppl may not like it though..FoxIT is cool, InfoRSS is a must but can be distracting sometimes..but one thing I’VE on nearly 3 desktop/laptops I work is Noia-extreme theme, I’ve hardly seen any other theme in firefox since 2 years, I never get bored of it..here’s a ery old related post though..

  5. Adblock Plus 0.7.x is better Adblock and more easy to use:
    And this Ook? Video Ook:
    is sweet extension, with only 1 click, you can download video from YouTube and from similar sites.
    is good download manager and UnPlug
    can download almost any embedded video or flash.

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