5 Foods You Just Have To Try

I came across this “5 Foods You Just Have To Try” meme while I was browsing some food blogs and I thought I’d tag myself to do it, since I’m not feeling inspired enough to blab about anything else. Food is as good a topic as any. Since I’m Indonesian and Indonesians typically love their food, my list contains primarily Indonesian food with a link to the recipe so you could try to make it if you wish:
1. Gulai Otak, or Beef Brain Curry. It may sound gross but it’s oh so good! Can’t find any place in Canada that serves this, sadly. I could make it myself but I’m not sure if I’d be able to find cow brain at the local meat shop. In case you’re wondering, the brain tastes a bit like omelette but with custard-like consistency. Best eaten with freshly-cooked, long-grain rice. Yum! Here’s a picture of this dish.
2. Bubur Ayam, or Chicken Rice Porridge. I’ve posted about this rice dish before. It’s the ultimate comfort food for Indonesians. I think it’s because in Indonesia it’s one of the first food mothers feed to their babies as soon as they can chew. Best eaten when the day is cold, like now. I think I’m going to make it for lunch.
3. Pempek Palembang, or Fish Cake with Sweet and Sour Sauce. There are several kinds of Pempek. My favourite kind is the one with a whole egg in it called Pempek Kapal Selam, or Submarine Pempek (because it’s supposed to look like a submarine). I’ve made this before but it just never tasted the same with what we have in Indonesia. Go here for pictures of this dish in its natural environment.
4. Martabak Telor, or Deep Fried Beef Wrap. It’s very easy to make and once you had one, you would want to have more and more. I’ve made this before and my version tastes pretty much like the real thing. I’ve also had it in a restaurant in Canada but they replaced the beef with lobster. It was just as good, though.
5. Poutine, as pictured above. It’s so good in an artery-clogging way. How could one not like french fries with cheese curds and gravy poured on top of it? Of course not all poutines are created equal. Some are better than others. It all depends on the gravy, I guess. And just because you’re having the poutine in Quebec — which is where this dish comes from — doesn’t make it great. We learned that from experience. The best canned poutine gravy brand, however, is St-Hubert, which is also a Quebecoise rotisserie chicken restaurant chain.
So, what are your five foods? Leave a comment or the link to your post if you decided to do this meme on your blog to let me know. The next best thing to finding new music is finding new food to try out! Don’t you agree? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. Those deep-fried beef wraps look great, and easy to make. I might have to try them sometime.
    I’ve wanted to try poutine for some time now, but of course it isn’t available anywhere near me.
    P.S. Your “Fabulous!” button is dangerous–if you’ve typed a comment and then click on the checkbox, it will delete your entire comment!

  2. I’m scared about foods that I’ve never had before, for the most part, however everything on your list sounds good. I may have to skip the curry though, I can’t do spicy.
    My five foods you just have to try are:
    Corn Souffle. Fried Okra. Three Cheese Tortellini. and Spinach, Broccoli, Ham and Cheese Quiche.
    That’s only four, but the Quiche counts as two to me.

  3. The beef brain curry sounds absolutely abominable, but I would be willing to try the rest. Was tempted to stop in last weekend at the Indonesian restaurant up in Tobermory – it seemed a strange place to have a restaurant like that, off in the middle of nowhere but it comes with decent reviews. (Mick from Guelph)

  4. Heh. I thought that little Indonesian restaurant in the middle of nowhere would have run out of business by now. Good to know it’s still around. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Mick: Firda and I were wondering if the Stone Orchid was still around in Tobermory. We ate there two summers ago when we travelled to Tobermory. Very strange place to find an Indonesian restaurant. The food was decent, though not authentic enough for Firda. The owners are Dutch Indonesians (of dutch origins but born in Indonesia).

  6. Fabulous!
    I have to say I have tried brain before. It was pig brain from a pig roast and I was slightly forced in it….
    Can’t say that I liked it, but your descrpition is perfect!

  7. Ummm….there’s a very good reason for not eating cow brain anymore.
    Aside from the fact that it’s, well, -cow brain.-

  8. kisiera k me orientaran sobre alguna dieta, necesito bajar un poco de peso pork estoy mas k subida de peso.
    porfavor lo mas pronto posible.

  9. Growing up I had what I now know as Mucky Fat Sandwiches for breakfast, I knew them as another name that I now know is incorrect. But it’s amazing in homemade toast in the morning with a little catsup on top, even with some crisp bacon on top if you’re really looking for a heart attack on a platter. But the gelatin on the bottom is great great for you, the only bad part is the fat on top, and honestly theres not a whole lot, just a light layer once it’s refrigerated and seperates. Rich and yummy fall and winter day breakfast, addictive…

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