A Dining Table, Finally!

Dining Table
(Dining Table, originally uploaded by firda.)

We finally got ourselves a dining table set a couple of days ago after the boy finally got tired of not having enough space to put things on when we are cooking. It’s now sitting pretty in the corner of our tiny little kitchen, right by the window where it is the coldest. That’s probably the reason we still haven’t dined on it yet.

We were originally planning to get one from IKEA, but after browsing the IKEA catalog, none of the ones they had really struck our fancy. We saw this one at the Canadian Tire awhile ago and it more or less fit the bill so we ended up getting it. Still, the dining table set didn’t end up in our kitchen without giving me life lesson #9,347: Do not buy heavy furniture when it is -23°C outside and you know you can’t get the thing in in one go and, in addition, have to climb at least one flight of stairs to get to your apartment. It’s no picnic, I tell you!

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