A Gloomy Day

One Eye

I wasn’t too convinced about today being the gloomiest day of the year, but then Firefox crashed and I lost today’s entry. It never happened before. It’s enough to convince me that today is indeed the gloomiest day of the year.

In addition to the Firefox-ate-my-post case, Weblog Wannabe is not on the list of the Bloggies™ nominees for the first time in history, the poor whale who got lost in the River Thames in England died while being transported back to the open sea, and our planet is doomed for at least 100,000 years. Need I say more?

The only good thing about today is the Anscoflex II vintage camera that Troy sniped off of eBay for me couple of weeks ago is scheduled to arrive today. I hope Canada Post won’t ruin it for me. Oooh, the postie’s here! Well, turns out that Canada Post did not disappoint, but the eBay seller did. The camera is not in as good condition as advertised. Bummer.

Gloomy day indeed.

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  1. Firda
    Discovered your blog on 9 rules.
    I like its refreshing tone.
    I have a friend who is from Indonesia here in Montclair.
    We had dinner last week and she made an indonesian soup with shrimp. Sorry if i do not remember the name.
    Have a good evening

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