A Movie Review? Nah!

We just got back from seeing Un long dimanche de fiançailles a.k.a. A Very Long Engagement. Watching the movie, you just can’t help comparing it with Amélie since it’s from the same director and it also has Audrey Tautou and some other actors from Amélie in it.
The humours in both movies are quite similar, though in A Very Long Engagement, it’s somewhat darker because of the war setting. The war scenes are pretty graphic, though. I had to close my eyes every time someone got killed because I really can’t stand the sight of blood, even if I know that it’s just fake blood. Also, in A Very Long Engagement, sepia colours are quite dominant, whereas in Amélie, warm colours are dominant.
A Very Long Engagement is not really a feel-good movie like Amélie, but it was still enjoyable. At least for me. I didn’t check the casting on IMDB before we went to see the movie so when Jodie Foster showed up, I was like “Hey, isn’t she…?” That was quite a nice surprise.

Oh, and you know what? The boy lost his winter gloves when we were walking to the cinema from where he parked his car but found them when we were walking back to the car after the movie, two and a half hours later! When we found them, one glove was sitting pretty on a pile of snow by the side of the road and the other was lying in the middle of the road. Lucky! And man, was it ever so cold out there. When we were back to the apartment, for once I was glad that this place is so insanely warm.

3 thoughts on “A Movie Review? Nah!

  1. We saw it in an independent cinema. Not really the best cinema in the world but they regularly play interesting independent movies. I kind of doubt A Very Long Engagement would ever make it to major cineplexes but who knows. Maybe it would if it won an Oscar.

  2. I really wish I could see this in theatres, but I doubt it’ll be coming anywhere near me. Maybe if I’m near a big city any time soon, I’ll try to find a showing.

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