A Sign of Life

Troy thinks I should update my weblog because some of you are worried about me so here’s an update. Now you can stop worrying because all’s well with the world for your poor, old Firda is alive! :) I still get a headache every now and then, especially if I spend a longish time in front of the computer, but I guess I should get used to it because I really need to get back to work.

In other news, I signed up with a new ISP today because the old ISP — which is one and the same with the phone company — charged heaps for internet access while with the new ISP I have unlimited internet access with a flat rate so hopefully my bills will be considerably smaller next month. Smaller bills make a happy Firda.

In case you’re wondering about what I did during my “sick leave”, I was just playing around with Orkut for a bit, but once the novelty wore off and my friends count got stuck at 11, I started playing Spider Solitaire and now I’m addicted to it. I know I once said I didn’t know how to play it but a teenage cousin of mine taught me how to play it about a month ago so now I know how, though I’m still not very good at it. But then again, I generally suck at just about any game.

Well, I’ll post more when the headache gets a bit bearable. Later skater!

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