A Wok in the Clouds

You know what made me happy today? We finally got ourselves a wok. Yes, a wok! Man, living without a wok for 2 weeks was horrible. I had been looking all over for a wok in supermarkets for the past 2 weeks but to no avail. This evening Troy took me for a wok-hunting. Canadians probably don’t use a wok to cook because we didn’t find any wok until we got to the third store. The wok and I must be meant to be together because there was actually a 25% discount for it, which isn’t really that much considering the 15% tax, but still, a discount is a discount and Troy was happy about it so it’s all good. Cookware is so expensive in Canada. That’s probably the reason why the food here sucks (note to Troy: please don’t send me home, yet).

Anyway, we’re going to spend this weekend in Toronto. It should be fun. If anything, it would be a nice change from the small-townish Waterloo. Check back in a couple of days for the Toronto story!

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