Alright, Alright, I’ll Post!

Dude! I haven’t even been away for a month yet. I was just taking my annual leave from blogging. It was really sweet of you to miss me, though. I feel special. πŸ™‚

So, how have you all been? Have you been good? I’ve been keeping busy. I’ve been taking a lot of pictures, doing a bit of gardening (indoor, since it’s way out of gardening season), been making some crazy sock dolls, doing a lot of thrift store hopping and shopping (though not as much as Troy does), and a lot of other fun, offline stuff. Taking pictures is still the funnest thing of all, though. If any of you would like to donate a digital SLR to a future photographer (namely me), that would be highly appreciated. πŸ˜›

Er, one of my favourite Tuesday TV shows is on and it’s like a thunderstorm out there so that’s all the update for now. If I get some comments to this post, I might post some lovely links tomorrow, just for you. πŸ˜‰ Once a comment whore, always a comment whore…

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  1. Ah, the old go-offline-and-see-if-anyone-notices trick. We’ve all done it, and usually it makes us miserable. I usually cave sooner than you.
    I was starting to worry that the polar bears got you or something.

  2. Finally! I’m a new comer πŸ™‚ and also a blogger-beginner, “accidently” found your website a few days ago, it’s great! i like this vivid cute style! and the flowers! but after that i never saw you updated it! sometimes I doubted that maybe there was sth. wrong with my rss subscriptions! hoho, welcome back.

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