Always Take the Weather

Ever since I witnessed the Northern Lights a.k.a. Aurora Borealis on November 7 (which was the most amazing thing, ever), I’ve become slightly obsessed with I have to check this site at least once a day.
One night, after the November 7 Aurora sighting, the boy had to reluctantly drive me out of town just because the site said that there was a big possibility for Aurora sighting that night and I practically begged him to go look for the Aurora with me. We ended up standing around in the cold, in the dark, in the middle of nowhere for about half an hour just to see nothing but the stars and the blinking lights coming from airplanes.
I don’t think I would ever beg the boy to look for the Aurora with me ever again, but I still do check daily for my daily dose of astronomy-related news. Besides, not everyone has ever witnessed the Northern Lights. I should count myself lucky.

2 thoughts on “Always Take the Weather

  1. I took some pictures with my shaky hands (it was so freezing cold that night) and a couple of videos but sadly none of them turned up. I hadn’t really figured out how to do night photography with my camera at the time. I have now, and that’s why I really, really want to see the Aurora one more time. No luck so far, though.

  2. Wow … you saw the Aurora? That is absolutely amazing. Probably one of my dreams is to see the Northern Lights, you are amazingly lucky! Did you take any pictures or anything?

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