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America’s Got Talent

We’re watching the series premiere of NBC’s talent show “America’s Got Talent” and it’s hilarious. If it’s anything like “American Idol”, it would probably get pretty lame once it gets to the next stage. But I’ll definitely stick around for the auditions.
An upset contestant called David Hasselhoff — who is one of the three judges — ‘tone deaf’ earlier. I couldn’t agree more. And a grandma is performing a rap song right now.
My thoughts exactly.

5 thoughts on “America’s Got Talent

  1. This show was a very clever,business savvy thinking of Simon. Although there have been similar shows like this before and in some other countries, especially on the Asia, S America side. Anyway, it’s certainly exciting and entertaining. Just let them judges give at least 1 min or two to let the constestants going. I think they’re all so excited just to press the x button. But noticeable once they like someone they’ll all go for it, once you’re old, unappealing, the out x button rings. And they’re all so over acting, brandy gets so carried away everytime she sees a bro, Davis trying to be so cool and that brit guy, come on, everybody wants to cpoy Simon…he’s the original mean guy, OK. Be original.

  2. I’m sure Simon Cowell picked the judges with more of less the same characters as the American Idol judges for a reason. I don’t know if David Hasselhoff is comparable to Randy Newman since David doesn’t seem to have anything to say (he just seems dumb to me). Brandi sounds more intelligent than Paula Abdul and the British guy, though too quick to judge most of the time, can be pretty fair.
    But I agree, they don’t really give everyone an equal opportunity to perform to the max, but in some cases, it’s really for the best. :)

  3. I think my only complaint with the show is that they let too many acts through. For example the first juggler should have been cut (he was horrible and will be gone the next round), the second juggler was okay but it was still just juggling, the last guy who did the crazy juggling/dance routine was amazing. So there were two people who should have been cut right away.
    It will be interesting to see how the show progresses. Damn you summer fill-ins!!!

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  5. This show sucks, my god what is wrong with America. This show has a bunch of “has beens” and plain and simple “sucks”. The talent have no talent and the judges have no clue. Why are we voting through trash? Hasslehoff is a smuck, get a life you has been.

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