An Eventful Weekend

Have I told you how much I hate “24” the TV show? This show makes me dumb. I always try to ignore it while Troy is watching it but it’s not that easy. Did you notice that Jack Bauer’s back-up/partner/sidekick/whatever always ends up dead? But I won’t get into any more picky details because it would only make me angry. I’m just going to talk about what we did this past weekend.

On Saturday, I decided that I wanted to go to Rockwood Conservation Area, which is somewhere outside the city of Guelph. Before we headed out that way, we dropped by a thrift store here in Waterloo where we picked up some stuff. Mostly old records for Troy’s record collection.

After our visit to the thrift store, we drove towards Guelph, but before we got to Guelph, someone hit Troy’s car from behind so we had to take a detour to the Waterloo Regional Police HQ and then to an OPP office to report the accident. Good time. NOT! We could’ve gone to Guelph OPP, which was closer, but noooo! The guy that hit Troy’s car just had to bring us back to Cambridge instead. After about an hour of driving around and doing paperwork, we hit the road again.


We finally made it to Rockwood Conservation Area after missing the entrance to the park as far as Acton, which is the town next to Rockwood. The park is awesome. It has an old mill ruins, limestone cliffs, caves, glacial potholes, a hiking trail along the Eramosa River, and a sandy beach. The old mill is my favourite part of the package. It’s just so beautiful. Check out the pictures if you’re interested. After spending 3+ hours there, we went back to Acton for dinner and I had a yummy steak. Mmmm, steak…

Oh, before I forget, thanks for wishing me a happy birthday. I had a good day. I got a cool telescope from Troy and a lovely bouquet from Troy’s parents. We had a birthday dinner at an Italian restaurant. Since it was my birthday, the waiters sang me a silly song and I got a complimentary chocolate cake from the restaurant plus a chance to win a prize by rolling a wheel of fortune thingy. The prize I won was a $5 voucher, which is better than a pie in the face (yes, it was one of the “prizes”). And now I’m going to get ready for bed. Night!

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  1. At one point, my boy and I were considering buying a house in Rockwood. We were there and thought it was a very pretty town.

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