And So Life Goes On

How are you, gentle readers? Long time no update. Things have been crazy these last couple of weeks with Troy’s grandpa getting sick, one of Troy’s cousins passed away, and on the day of her funeral, Troy’s grandpa passed away. In addition, I’ve been down with a nasty cold since last week.

We made some efforts to cheer ourselves up this past weekend by going to a concert and see a movie, but it didn’t quite work out because, well, both the artists we saw at the concert (Canadian artists named Sarah Slean and Royal Wood, in case you’re curious) had to mention something about their grandparents passing away and sang sad songs about them. Seriously, what are the odds?

And then of course I had to suggest that we went to see a movie called Young@Heart without thinking that it could potentially make us sad again. The movie is a documentary about a group of senior citizens who sing punk rock songs (among others) in a chorus and a couple of the chorus members died during the filming. :( It was a good movie nonetheless. I’d highly recommend it. Check out the trailer.

Everything else seems to have taken a backseat lately. I haven’t taken any pictures other than snapshots in ages. We haven’t bought anything for the house in a couple of weeks. At least my plant collection is still going strong, though I think I’ve killed my lychee plant. But my avocado plant is growing like crazy!

Um, what else? Tomorrow is our anniversary. We will have been married for 3 years! Woo! I think we’re going to a schnitzel place for our anniversary dinner. And then we’re going to go up to the cottage the weekend after this weekend to spend some time with friends, play a lot of board games and eat a lot of meat. Should be fun.

There isn’t really much else to report. Hopefully exciting things will start happening again.

2 thoughts on “And So Life Goes On

  1. Happy Anniversary guys!! Sounds like it’s been a bit rough lately – I hope that time and love will comfort (and friends and cottages and good food…!). Will see you soon.

  2. Hi there. Found your blog via an automatic layout generator at Firdamatic some time ago. Just wanted to tell you to keep taking pictures… your human shots are very nice in terms of color and movement. Take care. Pat

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