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So, another weekend has come and gone. Boohoo! We spent the weekend at Troy’s parents’ place. A weekend there usually means a game-playing weekend, but not this time.

On Saturday, Troy’s dad drove us down to the shore of Lake Erie so we could see and take pictures of the newly-built wind turbines. I’ve only seen a wind farm once before and it was in North Cape, Prince Edward Island. I thought it was a very large one with at least 16 turbines, but the one we saw this past Saturday is going to be even larger with 66 turbines. I took all the pictures of the turbines with a film camera so you’ll have to wait until I got the film developed before you can see them. We stopped by a couple of antique stores on our way down, but sadly, there was no interesting cameras to be found. We also stopped by the Big Creek National Conservation Area to take pictures of some waterfowls.

Saturday night, I had to stay home alone with the dog and the cat because Troy had a bachelor party for one of his friends to go to (and no, he didn’t go to a strip bar with the rest of them — I’m so proud of him!) and Troy’s parents had to go to a buck and doe. I spent my time alone watching a couple of movies on TV and did a couple of crossword puzzles. The first movie was Beauty Shop, which I didn’t really care about, and the second one was Closer, which I enjoyed. The first time I saw Jude Law in the movie, I was like “Oooh, Jude Law, so dreamy!” but as the movie progressed, I learned to hate his character. Julia Roberts wasn’t very convincing as a photographer but damn, that Leica camera sure is sexy! If only it didn’t cost thousands of dollars

We didn’t really do much on Sunday though we did play some games of Super 5 (it’s strange how there’s no information about this game whatsoever online considering how fun it really is). And before we knew it, it was time to drive back up to Waterloo. We already have plans for next weekend. I can see it being quite eventful!

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