Anticipating the Anticipations

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I guess I should update the wee blog, eh? Not that there’s much to report, but I can say that this year has been a year full of anticipations. I’m currently anticipating:

  • World Pinhole Photography Day. That would be this Sunday. What can I say. I’m a photogeek.
  • The Elora Festival’s 19th Annual Book Sale, which is on the first weekend of May. God knows we need more books in this apartment. Not.
  • The first cottage weekend of the year. That would be the last weekend of May, I think.
  • The second anniversary of our wedding on May 28. Two years and I’m still enjoying being married! I bet some celebrities can’t say the same. Heh.
  • Having one or two of my photographic work hanging on the wall in some gallery in Toronto in July.
  • Being the official wedding photographer for a friend who is getting married in August. I know I’ve sworn off of doing weddings but this is a chance to give a friend a wedding present to be cherished forever, so why not?
  • And last but not least, a two-week vacation in September (tentative). Newfoundland, here I come!

Yep, I’m all anticipated out until September. I’m sure there will be mini-anticipations in between. Oh, and of course I’m also anticipating not having a nightmare every night again. Really, nightmares about human sufferings aren’t fun when you’re not into the whole doom-and-gloom stuff.

Well, gotta run. I have curtains to finish sewing. Aren’t I crafty? 😉 I’ll post pictures when it’s up!

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