Autumn Is Better Than Fall

The long, Thanksgiving weekend is coming up and Troy and I are going down to Troy’s parents place to spend the weekend there. Originally, we had a circus to go to this weekend, but they cancelled the show, which was kind of disappointing. My consolation was that at least the fall fair would still be there and I’d be able to take plenty of lovely pictures with my various vintage and lo-tech cameras there. But then I checked the weather forecast and found that the weather wouldn’t be so good this weekend, which wouldn’t be a problem had we bought faster speed films for the cameras, which we didn’t. What a bummer. Not that it’s going to stop me from taking pictures. Bring it on! Even if the pictures turned up too dark, there’s always Photoshop to spruce them up a bit. Right? Not that I photoshop my pictures a lot, mind you. And if all else fails, I’d still have pictures taken with my trusty digital camera, which rarely fails me.

On a completely different note, I’ve been sending telepathic messages to the maple tree in front of our apartment for the last couple of weeks. The message says: “Start changing colour because it’s autumn already and green is not the right colour for the season!” But I think the tree is cheerfully ignoring me. It’s still all green and bushy. I hope the tree will finally get the message, now that the temperature is getting lower (it’s in the low teen today). See, when I got back to Canada from Indonesia last year, the trees were already bare. I didn’t get to see the autumn colours. That’s why I’m dying to see it for the first time, the way I was dying to see snow for the first time last winter. I just want to complete my four-season experience and make up for the month I lost last year.

Anyway, I’ve got to start packing now. Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadian readers and have a good long weekend. May the Force be with your turkey!

2 thoughts on “Autumn Is Better Than Fall

  1. I completely miss the cool air, long-sleeve and jeans, and beauty of fall. Being in Indonesia for so long – I took it for granted while I was in the States.

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