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And as you can see, the weblog is now sporting the standard Movable Type 3.2 template. Don’t worry. It won’t be long until the weblog has a new look. Well, I came up with a new design but ended up not liking it as much as I like the old one so the old look is back for the time being.
As for WordPress, all I can say is, it’s not you, it’s me. I just can’t get over MT. I’m sorry. Are we still friends?

14 thoughts on “Back to Movable Type

  1. this is just such a weird look. it’s an excellent example of how look/feel changes one’s experience with a site: i barely knew where i was or what i had read.
    of course, then i actually read some text and knew what was what. but i SO depend on the visual.

  2. Glad to have you back! Oh, and the new styles work on MT, TypePad, *and* LiveJournal, and we’ll be publishing good docs for them. So if you wanna learn the new CSS we’re using, you’ll be able to offer your templates to 10 million bloggers. :)

  3. Welcome back to MT, Firda :)
    I’m a friend of Eric’that you’re chatting right now. Nice to meet you…

  4. Aloha Firda,
    I’ve been a fan of your blog for a while now (when you still had your brown and white duck layout), and I’m embarrassed to say that this is my first comment to you. Although I haven’t visited for a bit (I think the last time I checked up, you and Troy were still dating), I’m glad to see all is well.
    Can’t wait to see what your blog will look like next.

  5. I’m on Textpattern right now and thinking about switching.
    What are the benefits of Movable Type vs. WordPress? I’ve seen the specs but I’d love to hear it from those who actually use it.

  6. :) congratulation for the switching back. I was waiting for your new design but I guess it’ll never show up. Anyway, this design right here still good for me. Keep on writing.

  7. I just found your site! I chortled with hilarity at your Weblog Wannabe Award Generator. “Best use of Verdana!” Bwa ha ha ha ha! You rock beyond all sarcastic webmasters who have ever rocked in the history of the blogosphere…

  8. I love your blog. The design is always fresh and clean. Currently I am looking to set up a blog-would you be interested in possibly designing a blog for me?

  9. I miss MT too. However, I am using WP now. It’s rock anyway. :)
    BTW, why don’t you release the theme in WP version of your blog? It’s rock, clear and fresh.

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