This and That

Bad Day Abound

Thursday Morning Haiku

Today hopefully
Is the last work day
This week. Fingers crossed.

I still have a runny nose, my office feels like a fridge, and I forgot to take my sweater with me. It’s going to be a bad, bad day. Ugh! I’ll definitely take a day off tomorrow. My mood is getting worse. A long weekend should be able to make me feel better. I was so tired and sleepy last night that I fell asleep while I was online and totally forgot to disconnect my computer from the ‘net. What a waste. Anyway, congrats to Fairvue for yet another media fame. “Go East”! :) (Don’t ask.) I’d congratulate the others but I don’t know any of them. Sad, huh? Well, maybe not all that sad. I just need to dramatise everything :)

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