Bad Monkey!

Bad Monkey!

+ See? I look like the guy on the t-shirt.
Yeah, but I look too happy, unlike the monkey.
+ Why wouldn’t you?
Why wouldn’t I what?
+ Be happy?
*pause* I don’t know. *confused because for once she actually had no reason to be unhappy*

We got ours for free but you can buy the Bad Monkey t-shirts from here if you’re so inclined.
Troy is away in Indiana until tomorrow. Time to par-tay!!! (Yeah right, as if I have any friends here.)

I haven’t been feeling too well for a couple of days now. Stupid cold. I’m blaming it on Tim Hortons’ Iced Capuccino.

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  1. Hey did you say happy pill? i want a happy pill ! can have a pill i know you said happy pill! so whaere are the pills?pills pills , bring on the pills LOLOL~
    I have a good pill idea How bout a man pill~
    lets have a pill to make them loving,make them listen to us and agree with us ! i need my man to give a good massage not a half ass massage! he will cook and shower me with affection! give me little reminders that he loves me .He will really enjoy my company . Oh and he will will smell great~ am i asking too much? i dont think so~
    so what abpout that pill?

  2. I don’t personally drink coffee but too many of my friends down here absolutely adore Tim Horton’s. Those things must be addictive! πŸ˜€

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