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Yesterday we celebrated our third month of being married by going on a vintage camera shopping spree (well, sort of). We managed to get hold of four cameras; three of which take 120 films and one takes 135/35mm films. That means we could actually use them to take pictures! Yay! The oldest one of the bunch comes from the 30s. It’s older than most people I know.
This weekend, which happens to be the Labour Day long weekend, is going to be spent with friends at Troy’s family cottage up north by the lake. I’m so excited about it because I’m planning to take our newly acquired vintage cameras. I really can’t wait to start taking pictures with them in the outdoor. Things look especially pretty there at sunrise and sunset.
During the honeymoon, neither of us ever saw the sunrise since we always tried to get as much sleep as possible. We did see the sunset once in Nova Scotia, which looked pretty, but I really couldn’t wait to go back to the place we were staying because a zillion bugs were having me for supper. I ended up with several minor bug bites and one major one that lasted all week. We scratched watching sunsets off of our agenda after that incident.
Before we left for our honeymoon, Troy made me promise not to hurt myself. Not that I’m into self-mutilation or anything. I’m just clumsy, a walking disaster. Well, I survived the nature. Didn’t fall at all when walking on slippery surfaces outdoor. But I fell on my butt in the shower (of all places) the day before we left Nova Scotia. Luckily, nothing was broken. Only bruised.
During last year’s cottage long weekend, I managed to get myself stranded on the other side of the lake while canoeing alone and had to call for rescue because I didn’t think I could make it back to the cottage on my own due to the rather strong wind. Troy and a friend ended up picking me up on a motorboat. We went back to the cottage with the canoe in tow. I also managed to sprain my shoulder while trying to keep my balance as I was hopping onto the canoe. Conclusion: Firda plus canoe equals disaster.
We went to a post-baby shower party on Saturday night. We just had to share the story about our Tom Selleck sighting in Nova Scotia with everyone and found — much to our surprise (and horror) — that many girls still go ga-ga over Tom Selleck. And we thought it was only this one particular girl we know. 😉
Hmm, I don’t really know how to end this post. I think I’ll just end it by saying that I have a big hair today.

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  1. Only one of us can possess Tom, and it is I!!! I’m even in the picture for NS. Nobody else can have him! NOBODY!!! (Well, maybe his wife and kids, but whatev.)

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