Before It’s Too Late

I had this thought this past Mother’s Day, of how everyone who still have a mother should make a video of his/her mother at her happiest, talking and laughing, telling you she loves you. I wish I’d had a video camera way back when my mother was healthy, happy(ish) and alive so I could make a video of her because now I’d do anything to hear her voice again, to hear her laughter, her singing, her calling me “Tomblok” (her pet name for me). But alas, my mother passed away just before the digital revolution.

Of course you can do the same to any of your loved ones. Even pets. Digital cameras and many cellphones come with a video feature these days. Your video camera is lacking audio feature? Borrow the one with audio from one of your friends! There is no excuse. This may sound like an utterly morbid idea now but trust me, someday you’ll be glad you did.

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