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Belated 13th Blogiversary Bloggage

Happy 13th birthday, my dear blog! Here’s a little birthday present: a new look!

Sometimes I’d think of something and thought, hey, that would be an interesting topic to write about on the blog. But then I’d sit down and start writing only to decide that the topic was boring, and even if it wasn’t, no one would care anyway because personal blog is a thing of the past, and I’d abandon the post. Can’t compete with Facebook where one can get tonnes of comments just by posting a line of cryptic Facebook status. Personal blog post: big effort, small to no gain. Cryptic Facebook status: zero effort, big gain.

Well, you know what? From now on, I’m going to blog for myself, to document my life and my thoughts, to read years later to remind myself of what I used to be like and to see if I have matured any compared to my current self, if I’ve got any wiser. Sometimes I’d read a random blog post from years ago and couldn’t believe I actually wrote that. Not because it’s so profound but because it’s so dumb! I might feel the same way about this post in ten years. Only one way to find out! If I get an audience here, that’s cool. If not, no biggie.

Anyway, about the new look, the randomized header photos were all taken in our hometown Stratford (by me, of course). One might make visitors think they have arrived at a bakery’s website, but I happen to like that picture a lot so it’s staying. As for the colour scheme, vintage green is the theme. It’s an homage to my mother. She loved all shades of green.

The photo gracing this post is of the Big Red Lighthouse in Holland State Park, Michigan. On my second visit to the States I finally made it to Lake Michigan and thus end my quest to visit all five of the Great Lakes of North America. I can now say that my top three Great Lakes are Lake Huron, Lake Superior, and Lake Michigan. Lake Erie and Lake Ontario are kind of meh. Sorry.

I’m going to try to update the poor, old blog at least once a month this year. I wish I had posted something last month. Could’ve posted a roundup of highlights of 2012, of which there are plenty, but my laziness got the better of me. Ah well. Just to remind my future self, I finally got to visit Ottawa in May last year and went to Michigan twice. Border officer was more scrutinizing in the second visit but whatever. Saw a lot of of dead deer on Michigan’s I-69.

This blog is my time capsule.

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