Belated Birthday Post

Birthday Cake

My birthday was this past Saturday and it was lovely. I got a Venus Flytrap plant kit, a couple of books, and an extension tube set for my dSLR from Troy, a 35mm Ricoh SLR camera kit from my brother- and sister-in-law, and some cash from Troy’s parents and grandparents which I spent on a light box kit with two studio lights. Yay, so many new toys to play with!

On my birthday, Troy took me out on a day trip to Port Maitland, where the Grand River meets Lake Erie. We walked along the pier towards the lighthouse and halfway there I felt like going back to the car because it was so frickin’ cold but I didn’t. I just braved the crappy weather and kept taking pictures. Once we got back to the parking lot, a car pulled in and two men came out with their fishing rods and started walking up the pier. I didn’t think their fishing endeavour would last very long.

Later in the evening, Troy’s parents took us out for a birthday dinner at an Italian restaurant and my sister-in-law sneakily told the restaurant people that it was my birthday and, well, you know what happened. I got singing waitresses bringing me a big slice of chocolate cake after we finished our main course. We shared the cake between the six of us. We were so full for the rest of the evening that my mother-in-law had to wait until the next day to bring out my birthday cake. As you can see in the picture, it had eight candles on it. Yes, it was indeed my 8th birthday.

I wish.

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  1. I think Shirley Temple celebrated her 8th birthday more than once…so why shouldn’t you! (The studio wanted to keep her young.)
    Happy Birthday!

  2. Hi, I only care that I have my mother proud of me. Because I know that my father hates me so I really don’t care if he is proud of me or not. I have tryed to walk the strait and narrow path and faltered afew time. But, at the end of the day I would like to know that my Mother was proud I was her son
    I am sorry if it to you not interestingly.

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