Big, Blue Bag of Happiness

I was having a crap day, but then the postman came to deliver something in a big, blue, Deutsche Post bag. It was pretty heavy. What could it be, I wonder. The last time I received a package with Deutsche Post mark, it was something from As it turned out, it was no different this time.

Inside the big, blue bag was a brown, cardboad box and inside the box was a 2-CD album of Leonard Cohen, a novel by David Sedaris, and a big design book (yes, the book does live up to the title) off my Amazon wishlist from Steven in Belgium. Yay! That really brightened up my day. Thanks a million, Steven! :)

People have been asking me why I have very few fictions on my Amazon wishlist. The reason is, I can usually find the fictions I’d like to read in local bookstores while books on web design and development are rare and few, and when they are available, they usually cost almost twice the original price.

As for why there is no DVD on my wishlist, even though I love movies, I have no DVD player. All I have is a VCD player. A certain someone that shall remain nameless had to spend long hours burning DVDs and convert them into VCD format just so that I could see Donnie Darko and Memento, but I think he’s had enough of the hassle and won’t do it ever again :)

Now, anyone want to buy me a digital camera for my birthday next month? ;) Man, how I hate birthdays. As far as I can remember, there’s been only one happy birthday in my entire life and it was already 6 years ago. I am so not looking forward to my next birthday. It’s bound to be worse than ever because it will be my very first birthday since my mother passed away. My mother had always been the only one who would bother to try to make my birthdays a good one. I wish I could have her back for my birthday, but since I can’t, a digital camera will do. Heh. (And no, I’m not really expecting you to buy me a digital camera.)

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